10 Great Business Ideas

This week, rather than hooking you up with links for jobs you can do at home, here’s a list of ideas you can get creative with and develop in your own style. At The Modern Woman’s Life magazine, we believe having one person at home managing life But in this day and age, it can be difficult to manage with just one income.

And while it would be great to supplement your income, finding legitimate work at home opportunities is not easy.

If you are able to invest time, and perhaps a bit of money, you could start your own business from home and work in your PJ’s!

Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  1. Make & Sell Gift Baskets

If you have a talent for picking out products that go well with each other and have an artistic touch in how you present them, then you could put together and sell gift baskets.

Your customers might be hotels that need a basket for honeymooners, anniversary celebrations, a conference coordinator that brings business to them, or people who travel with pets and forget items. Businesses often give gifts away to the top sales person of the month, birthday gifts, or at the holidays. Home owner associations might give a new home owner not only a booklet with their guidelines, but a welcome to the neighborhood basket. The opportunities are endless. Items for the baskets can be purchased on sale following the holidays, or in bulk for a cheaper price.

This might take a bit of money to get started, and space for inventory, but the rest is contacting businesses with ideas. Perhaps leave a smaller version of the gift basket with the owner/manager as a thank you for talking with you. Be sure you leave all your contact info and prices. These baskets could be sold at consignment stores, for fund raising, and big box stores. The skies the limit.

You could also create gift baskets for baby showers, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and any other celebrations.

  1. Independent Wine Consultant

There are tons of independent wine companies—the little guys, that need help marketing and growing their businesses. You might think about hosting wine tasting parties either at a business or in-home with the idea that your guests could purchase wine at a discount or join a wine of the month club through you. Have fun earning an income while talking about and drinking wine.

  1. Become a Virtual Assistant

As a virtual assistant, you could earn an income working for companies from the comfort of your own home. You could help businesses out with their day to day activities that don’t require you to come into their offices. This is where the idea of medical coding, book-keeping, seamstress, tutoring, etc. came from.

Employers like the idea of hiring virtual assistants because they can pay them as sub-contractors and avoid handling all the taxes, medical plans and retirement plans. A Sub-contractor is responsible for with-holding their own taxes, and covering their own benefits. Find your skills (something you wouldn’t mind doing everyday and are good at) and then look around locally for a good fit. The start asking face to face if they have a need for your services.

  1. Blogger

A great business that can be started with less than 100 dollars and in some cases without any money at all. Thanks to the internet, it is so easy these days to share information with a wide audience.

You can blog about pretty much anything. Identify your interests, do the research and pitch the company that’s doing the same and paying for writers.

Or make your own blog. Build it so you pick up lots of readers. You make money with a blog by monetizing it. The more people that read your blog, the higher your chances are of making money from it. You can make money by placing advertising on your site, or selling your skills to your readers.

The rewards are not immediate. It takes patience, hard work and time to build up your mailing list, but today it’s possible to earn a full income blogging.

  1. Become an Image Consultant

The right first impression is especially important when someone is going for an interview or meeting a prospective client, but not everyone knows how to pick out a look that conveys a positive and professional image.

Becoming a business owner is a big deal. Interviews and customers view you in a ‘take charge way’ and they’ll need to look the part. By becoming an image consultant, you help people put their best foot forward in terms of style and appearance.

  1. Nanny Services

People need in-home nannies. Either you could do it yourself or you could run a nanny service. You would be the person to filter poor choices and great candidates, train them for a fee in CPR, becoming sub-contractors, developing early childhood games, proper discipline, healthy snacks and great places to take the kiddos. Then once you feel they’re ready, you add them to the call list for expert nannies.

This certainly has the potential to grow, like the service I heard about which started out on a shoe-string budget but grew to employ twenty nannies in just two years.

  1. Sell on eBay, Amazon or Craigslist

Selling on eBay, Amazon and Craigslist is easier than ever now. You can purchase in-demand items at discounts and sell them on these sites. You can also make products and sell them there as well. Garage sale items, junk store items, and clearance stores are great places to find bargains.

A lady I know has an arrangement with a department store to buy their end of season shoes at very low prices. She then lists them on eBay and nets a tidy profit.

Selling on eBay is worth it if you know how to do it the right way. This article is a good read to help you understand some of the ups and downs on eBay.

You can even try to improve the piece, for example by refinishing or reupholstering furniture and selling it on Craigslist.

If you are artistic and enjoy crafts, you could make you own products to sell, like personalized jewelry.

  1. Scrapbooking Business

Everyone loves personalized scrapbooks, but not everyone has time to put the pages together. This is a perfect business to help people organize their mementoes for a fee, and then put them together for them—also for a fee. You might even bring in several friends to complete a large project and pay them for a day of help.

  1. Tutor

If you love teaching and have qualifications in a particular subject, you could consider offering your services as a tutor.

You could get referrals from your friends and family and make connections through your child’s teachers and the school PTA. If you have a local community school, you can advertise your services there. In my town, I’ve even seen advertisements on cars. Make up flyers and post them locally. Soon word of mouth will fill your time.

PS- don’t limit yourself to tutoring children, seniors might enjoy lessons on using their smart phones, computers and home appliances. You could teach sewing and offer to do alterations, sew costumes and prom dresses. Horse-back riding lessons, helping moms learn to can, cook on a budget are all creative ideas as well.

  1. Sell Homemade Baked Goods

Selling homemade food is a great way for people who have a talent for cooking to make some extra money. You might make specialty cakes, chocolate truffles, Christmas cookies, a month of meals, breads, or cater special events.

If you enjoy cooking, you could offer your services as a personal chef, just like Rachel Ray did before she became a television personality.

If you have other ideas, please send them my way so we can share them with others.

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