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Lyla Swafford

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BIO: Lyla was born with cerebral palsy but has never let it stop her. She walks with a quad cane in her home and uses a scooter when she’s out and about. Wheelchair bound, her blog More Than Legs inspires all who read it. She is a freelance writer and you can often find her at a variety of writing conferences. She is the Portland area director for Joni and Friends. Lyla is currently writing a memoir called It Takes More Than Legs to Stand. Follow her blog or on Facebook for updates on her progress.

BLOG: More Than Legs



  1. What exactly is your business and what made you get started?

I’m a freelance writer and the area chapter director in Portland, Oregon for Joni and Friends

My blog More Than Legs is about inspiring people to rise over and over again. Both of these things fuel my fire even when it’s just an amber.


2.What one thing do you do every day to move yourself forward and stay focused? Where do you find your inspiration?

Staying focused is hard, encouraging others is a lot of fun but writing is often tedious and discouraging. I’ve learned to stay hooked with people who believe in me and keep me going.


3. What do you do regularly to take care of yourself?


To take care of myself, I stay in fellowship with God and with other believers.


4. How do you keep yourself emotionally balanced while you are pushing forward?

When you figure out the answer let me know! At times I need to work through things rather than push them away. Pushing away only works for a little while, but when I push through it gives me more to write about.


5. What’s the best part and the worst part of your job?

Blogging is fun because I never know what I’m going to write about, but God always shows me things that need to be said. The hardest is jumping into it…and the mechanics. It’s also hard finding the right people to find me do the physical part of it.


6. What failure taught you the most and what was it?

I learned a lot through my marriage that ended. Mental illness is difficult. You can’t help anyone that doesn’t want to be helped. Things I felt responsible for, were not my responsibility. I wanted him to be better, but that wasn’t my job. I was afraid that getting divorced would be a stigma, but I discovered it wasn’t the worse…it was the pain and hurt it causes everyone involved. I also get into trouble when I compare myself to others, and try to do too much on my own; but God uses those things to draw me closer to Him.


7. If you could to do something different, what would that be?

I’d like to be able to drive a car, but my cerebral palsy keeps me from doing that.


8. If you had advice to give to someone else who was thinking of becoming an entrepreneur, what would that be?

I don’t really know because everything I’ve learned has brought me to where I am today.


9. What did you have to overcome personally to be able to do what you do?

I believe it’s the right thing to do, so I have to do write.


10. Any last parting words?

God gives us all gifts and talents for every season God gives us life…doesn’t matter your age or your problems, He has something for you to do. I have to look at what I can do and what He wants me to do and not at what I can’t do. Looking at what I can’t do is like quicksand. It’s hard to get out of quicksand. So you have to have great friends and mentors to pull you out. Stay close to God.

“I am a pencil in God’s hand. God writes through us, and however imperfect instruments we may be, God writes beautifully.” ~Mother Teresa


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