#CreateBookBuzz – Using Periscope!

Using Periscope to #CreateBookBuzz

Write Your Book. Build Your Tribe. Use Periscope.

Writer, you must come out from behind the PC, IPad, or pen. In today’s world, you must be a celebrity of sorts to sell a book. Publishing houses knew this a long time ago, that’s why an author’s marketability has always been present at the negotiation table. Here’s a basic definition of Periscope.

Periscope is a new social media platform available since March 2015. It is an app for smartphones that works alongside Twitter, allowing users to live stream videos, interact with your network and other users from around the world. Periscope uses a different approach than Instagram or Vine; it allows you to create your video in real time. Talking about becoming an overnight sensation, with Periscope it’s possible!

As of August 2015, it is rumored that there are between 2–5 million users. Some even say that there are 10 million people with registered Periscope accounts. It took Facebook nearly two years to build up this kind of momentum. Obviously, it’s growing so fast that no one can keep up.

Here’s some interesting statistics about the new social media kid on the block.

  • 350,000 hours of video content is streamed daily on Periscope. That’s more than 40 years of video each day.
  • There are nearly 2 million daily active users.
  • Periscope is available in 25 languages.
  • 29% of Periscope URLs are posted by women.
  • These numbers are growing daily.

Marketing Your Book on Periscope

Using Periscope to #CreateBookBuzz is a must have marketing tool for authors utilizing the new “live streaming” app, Periscope. Periscope is a great place to share your best tips, advice, and test market your book idea. Use this app to write your next bestseller, establish your author platform and master the business of publishing- all at once! Following the steps in Using Periscope to #CreateBookBuzz and they will guide you to master the basics of marketing your book while building your tribe and establishing your expert status along the way. Our bonus #PeriscopeScoop with leading periscopers, Alex Khan, Ryan Steinolfson, Dr. Bee Smith, Evie Totty, Shawn Matthews and marketing guru Sandy Lawrence will take you over the finish line to marketing your book on Periscope like a pro! Many authors have successfully used Periscope to market their book and you can too!

Using Periscope to #CreateBookBuzz is part of the Periscope Your Book eBook Series, presented by Amazon Best-Sellers/ Award-winning authors Sharon Jenkins and Rochelle Carter, which brings marketing to the forefront of the book writing and publishing process. Each title builds on the previous book, so be sure to read Book 1: Using Periscope to Write Your Next Bestseller and Book 2: Using Periscope to Master Authorpreneurship.

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