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New beginnings. That’s where Gina finds herself in her life and career. She’s rethinking the old and realizing the past does not define who she is. She says, “All my past failures, mistakes, mishaps don’t matter. They’re in the past. All I have is now, and what I do NOW will determine my future. So I choose to disappear my past, start over from nothing, and embrace the possibilities in my life and career. I invite you to do the same and see the difference starting NOW can make in your life.”

Her passion for helping other writers and potential writers tell their story is refreshing. Her commitment to spreading the word that you too can redefine yourself is inspiring many to reach beyond what they think they are capable of doing.

Here’s her story:

1) What exactly is your business and what made you get started?

Release the Writer started out as Writer…Interrupted over ten years ago when I was trying to figure out how I could be a writer/published author, raise and home-school four kids. Over the ten years, I published some books, but also used my homeschooling experience to create writing books for kids through adults. This year I officially launched “Release the Writer” which incorporates my writing, teaching, speaking, and coaching. I provide resources for writers of all ages to help them release the writer within.

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2) What one thing do you do every day to move yourself forward and stay focused? Where do you find your inspiration?

One thing, lol? I’m constantly doing something to move my business forward whether marketing on social media, contacting someone about classes, reaching out to a writers conference to host me as speaker, or telling someone what I do in line at the grocery store. Bottom line is, it doesn’t matter what I’m doing because I haven’t figure out the secret to success yet, but that I am doing something.

Right now I’m running a marketing campaign on Facebook that by all definitions would be considered unsuccessful. I can’t let that get me down, but I can use it as a learning tool. I can evaluate what didn’t work and try and find what’s missing in my marketing. What motivates me to do it all over again the next day is that there’s something in me that can’t quit. I  may take a break to recharge, but then I get back to work.


3) What do you do regularly to take care of yourself?

I’m working on doing more things more regularly, but taking time for self care which includes reading, journaling, resting, exercising, and dancing is important in having a balanced life. I have a tendency to want to work all the time, but I’ve realized if I’m at home trying to finish a project and I’ve been working for an hour with little progress, it might be time for a self-care break. I usually come back clear-headed and refreshed after I’ve had some “me” time. And I get the job done in a shorter amount of time than if I didn’t take a break.


4) How do you keep yourself emotionally balanced while you are pushing forward?

I allow myself to have breakdowns and recognize that what I’m feeling is not necessarily reality. I could be feeling overwhelmed or unsupported, but in reality overwhelmed is just something I created. If I focus on what needs to be done in that moment and not worry about the things that haven’t happened, fears and stresses I’ve made up, then I’m more productive. Other things that play a big part in my emotional balance is prayer, music, dancing, friends and family. Any time I’m doing what I love, feeding my soul, and sharing it with those I care about, that’s when I’m feeling emotionally balanced and able to push forward.


5) What’s the best part and the worst part of your job?

The best part is the freedom I have to set my own hours and be my own boss. The worst part is that if I don’t work, I don’t get paid. And even when I do work, that doesn’t mean I’ll get paid. That really is the worst, lol.


6) What has failure taught you the most and what was it?

Failure is just a word. What I perceive as a failure is a huge success to someone else. If something doesn’t work in my business I can’t see it as a failure. I need to reevaluate and figure out what didn’t work and what was missing. Then I have to try something else. The only failure is not trying.


7) If you had to do something different, what would that be?

Not be so afraid to finish things. Not second guess myself so much. Do it scared and allow myself to make mistakes. Not be so hard on myself. I’m still working on that.


8) If you had advice to give to someone else who was thinking of becoming an entrepreneur, what would that be?

Run!! No, seriously, I’m actually at the point where I’m needing a full time job to support myself. That doesn’t mean I’m going to quit my business. It just means I need to adjust some things like change my hours until it takes off. Will it be easy? No, but it will be worth it.


9) What did you have to overcome personally to be able to do what you do?

I had to overcome self doubt and comparing myself with others. There are so many people who do what I do and do it better. Why would someone want to learn from me? I have to silence that voice every day and realize there are enough clients to go around and there are people who need exactly what I have to offer. The challenge is finding those people.


10) Any last parting words?

Every day I feel like “Who am I to think that I can do this?” I see all my limitations and things I don’t know. But then I see all the good I’m doing and the success, and I think, “Who am I to think that I can’t do this!” Honestly, it doesn’t matter what I think as long as I just keep doing!





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