Sites that Pay for Test Monitoring Mail!*

There is money to be made just for testing out mail for companies.

You can sign up for these groups and get paid to report on mail, and you can cancel the service any time.

1. The Hauser Group

This company is concerned with knowing how mail ships, and how long it takes to arrive, and the conditions that it arrives in.

You work as a “decoy,” a sample customer who receives the mail in question and then reports back to the company about it. Typically that means filling out a report on their website specific to their concerns. Occasionally they will ask you to ship things back to you and reimburse you for the shipping costs. You can work as much or as little as you like, you get paid per piece. Read the contracts carefully, sometimes in lieu of dollars you’ll be paid with gift cards. But at times you’ll also receive various extra benefits, such as the ability to keep the items you’ve been shipped.

2. Quotas, aka World Mail Panel

You’ll see this company by either name. You’ll be responsible for receiving and shipping returns to them and reporting time, appearance and product info. You get paid for reporting about the letters with various information, and you usually receive a given amount of letters during a certain period of time. You are rewarded in points which can be redeemed via Amazon, PayPal, Globoforce or Moneybookers.

3. SBKC, aka Small Business Knowledge Center

SBKC compensates in points, and deals in mail and emails. You’ll be asked to correspond with a variety of industries, usually financially-related ones such as insurance, banking, and credit. It’s easy work that can add up to worthwhile return in just a few weeks. Worth checking out!

4. USMonitor

You can sign up with USM to become a “US Monitor,” who receives test mail to their address. Mail usually arrives daily, and then you log into the website and report what mail you received. Each piece of mail is worth 25¢, so if you receive 4 pieces of mail, you enter the information into the website for an easy dollar. If you don’t mind a stuffed mailbox, there’s easy money to be made here.

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*This excellent info is part of Satrap’s Money Pantry!

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