Stop the World! I want off!!!

Stressed! Everyone experiences it, but not all of us manage it well.

Here are a few ways to manage the monster of stress! Get Gutsy, try a few!

  1. Creating and following daily routines eases stress by creating familiar situations that require calm thinking. Schedules remove the elements of surprise and allows a feeling of controlling your surroundings or situations.
  2. Yoga-Meditation. Training the body to be present in the moment, breathing through difficult situations, increasing blood flow and staying healthy are all benefits of Yoga and meditation. As your skill increases, your stress may decrease.
  3. The simple act of breathing deeply signals the body to relax. Much like calming a dog with a yawn, breathing is self-calming. Next time you feel your blood rising, try breathing in to the count of 4 and out to the same count. Repeat 4 times.
  4. Music Therapy. Different beats and styles of music have a variety of effects on our energy levels. Dance music makes us want to move and likewise mellow music can have a very calming effect.
  5. Establish times that are ‘off’ hours for electrical gadgets like: Television, social media, emails, cell phones, IPad, anything with a screen. Quiet the noise these modern devices bring into our world. Go for a walk, take a 15-minute powernap, meet a friend for coffee, play with a pet or simply sit.
  6. Time Management. Being prepared has great benefits to soothing the day’s stress. Planning ahead with a short to do list, laying out tomorrow’s clothes, placing everything needed for the day near the front door, and making healthy food choices for a lunch, go a long way to making pre-planned decisions before the exodus from your home.
  7. Breaking a sweat clears the pores, relaxes muscles, lowers stress hormones, unclutters the mind, and inspires sleep. All these benefits encourage better health and directs stressful energy.
  8. Writing down all the things that are troubling you not only allows you to leave it on the paper, but helps you know what you’re thinking. Sometimes transcribing your concerns takes the power out of them. Something sedative happens when we see things written down, they often move into a better perspective.
  9. Multi-tasking Myth. We live in a society that reveres those that can do several things at once. Truth is we get less done when our focus is scattered and we incite more stress. Try focusing on one project at a time.
  10. Play! We often think we out-grow play. As adults in a world that moves and unbelievable speed, taking time out is vital to avoiding snapping or becoming ill.
  11. Pause! Taking time to cue the body to relax can often do more to combat stress than medications. The problem is we often don’t schedule regular massage times, more likely we wait until we’re wound tighter than a spring. Consider touch as important as regular exercise. Schedule once a week visits.
  12. Find Your Happy! Spend more time doing things that bring your joy. Schedule times with friends and events that cause you to laugh so hard your jaws hurt. Stress dies when we laugh. Bury it often.
  13. Tea Time. Taking the time to brew and sip herbal tea gives us a moment’s break. The simple act of sitting down long enough to taste and swallow tea allows us to be present.
  14. Commit to praising five random people and watch their reactions. Make five positive statements about the day and change your own energy as well as everyone around you.
  15. Calm down your environment by removing clutter. Surround yourself with clean lines, and open spaces. We tend to be people who fill every space with something and our eyes may record it as chaos. Pick one room, start there and slowly move through your home and work space.
  16. Adequate sleep is the best way to manage stressful days. We’re much more able to calmly make decisions and work through difficulties when we’ve enjoyed a restful night’s sleep.
  17. Close your eyes and be still for a moment. Focus on being aware of everything around you: smell, feel the temperature of the air, sounds around you and just listen. You can do this anywhere and as many times as you need to decompress.
  18. Find an activity you enjoy doing. Use it to empty your mind and relax your body. If you can’t think of anything then walk.


Perhaps it’s time to reverse being stressed. If you reverse the word stressed, you get desserts—a new way to manage our lives. Like stress, excess will move us backward, but in the meantime, find a friend and share a cupcake!

*The author is a health enthusiast, not a doctor. Your health is unique to you, include your physician in all your health choices.

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