She had a jerk for a husband, when he railed on soldiers against King David, she saved the town by turning a soft answer and baking a feast! Want to know more?

1 Samuel 25 New International Version (NIV)  <–Click here to read the story.

Abigail’s husband was rich. It was festival season in Carmel. He was sheering sheep and goats. He celebrated the festival with good food and wine. King David, who had allowed his soldiers to protect Nabal’s men and animals, sent his soldiers to partake of the festivities. When they asked to eat with them, Nabal railed on them saying,”I don’t know who you are or this David fellow. You could be anyone asking for my profits. Go Away!” <–that’s the tame version.

The soldiers returned to David and told what had happened. David so angry with Nabal ordered 200 of his soldiers to mount up and ride with him. They were to leave NO One alive in the city. No one male.

Abigail, through a worker, got wind of David’s plans and went to work creating a feast. A Huge feast. She loaded donkeys and rode out to meet David and his men. As they came over the ravine, she got off her donkey and bowed to the dirt. I believe she was ready to die to save the town.

She was courageous, smart and beautiful. When she met up with David she apologize for her husband’s rudeness and thoughtlessness. She took the fault upon herself and offered the feast. David told her what he had intended to do. When she challenged him to as a great leader not take on this bloodlessness to his name…he relented. He relented that she was right and enjoyed the feast but told her to tell her husband what horror she had prevented.

When she arrived home, Nabal was drunk. She waited to talk to him in the morning. When she did he was so shocked he fell paralyzed. Then died 10 days later.

Now Abigail, a widow, the hero of her town, is approached by David’s soldiers. David has asked for Abigail to be his wife.  She immediately accepts, gets on her donkey with her 5 hand-maidens and rides to meet David.

Abigail’s Strengths: She was confident, aware, intelligent and obviously either a great organizer to get staff to prepare food so quickly, (see how much she prepared in the video), and then courageous to ride straight toward 200 soldiers bent on destroying everyone. She was humble but persuasive to convince David his ego was leading the show rather than his wisdom.

Abigail Questions: 

  1. Would you step above authority to do what is right? What do you consider worthy of going over the head of someone in authority above you?
  2. Are your words kind? Kind enough to stop a war or unkind enough to cause the war?
  3. Where does real beauty come from?
  4. How can you better represent beauty and strength in your life?
  5. What characteristics do you see in Abigail that are lacking in your life? What can yo do to acquire them?
  6. What strengths in Abigail do you see in yourself that could be polished?

Proverbs 15:1 A soft answer turns away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger.”

Is there someone in your life that makes you too often react rather than respond and you spew grievous words? How has that worked for you?

Since we can only control ourselves, what changes can you make in you that might defuse that situation?

What examples of cruel or mean words do you see in the world that could be managed better?

Plan ahead your soft answer or how you’ll handle a tough situation prior to being in the situation. What would that look like?

When we shine, we illuminate the way for others! Where is your light shining?