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There are millions of writers, coaches and speakers out there. Why me? Why this magazine?

I believe every person has a gift, one that equips them for a purpose. So many people live their lives aimlessly, searching for something and filling it with anything. I remember my own search. I learned a lot along the way. I’m excited to share insights that moved me from surviving to THRIVING!

I remember as a young mom, wife and career person, I was struggling to juggle all the balls in my life and thought I was doing a great job. One evening, while rushing to get dinner prepared, throwing in loads of laundry and taking a moment to relax from a busy day at work, my son perched on the bar stool and started to tell me something important about his day. He kept pausing. I said, “Son, go ahead, I’m listening.”

He replied, “Listen to me with your eyes.”

In that moment, I realized, I wasn’t succeeding at my life/work balance as well as I thought. I turned off the stove, grabbed two cookies for us, and plopped down on the front porch to really listen to him.

I  spent time stretched out on my daughter’s bed, listening to her music and discussing her likes and situations with her friends, and helping her find solutions.

I hated the ‘work longer, harder, faster’ mentality. I took inventory of my skills, my life, our finances, and our future goals. And then, I took a terrifying risk that became one of the most rewarding decisions of my life: I quit my job and came home, full-time.

I formed a business at home. I learned all the things you shouldn’t do, and found the things that make a difference. I didn’t need to make a 6-figure income, but I did need to pay the bills and build a future.

To defend our family, in a slower pace I learned when and how to pull up the drawbridge, equip the warriors, organize more rest, build better health habits, create financial stability and learned to play and relax.

The first step I learned was to define who I was, so I could define the future. It is my honor and privilege to share the ‘hows’ and the ‘whys’. I believe as women, if we get us right, everything else falls into place. Equally, I believe becoming the strong hub of our homes is one of the ways to ‘get it right’. All activities fan out from there.

I have successfully equipped others to move from employee to entrepreneur, and am thrilled to cheer-lead your victories. Although my ideas are not exclusive to women, I have chosen to make them my primary focus.

I grew up in Hawaii, and there is a term embraced there called ‘Ohana.’ It means family (in an extended sense of the term, including blood-related, adoptive or intentional). The concept emphasizes that families are bound together and members must cooperate and remember one another. Family means nobody gets left behind — or forgotten.

Everything I do is with the purpose of equipping Ohana.

I help others discover the gifts they already have and build a plan for their purpose.

Together we can create your opportunities.

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9 years ago I had a teacher that believed I could be something. That my dreams were attainable. That my art WAS good. She worked through my tough spirit and pushed me to be better, to do better. To look at the smallest details. I graduated a year early as Salutatorian with my Senior project on Photography. This week I finally got a job I love and always wanted. As a photographer.

Thank you Pam Vincent for TREC. And all the love you poured into us.

Katelynn Nicole

Being deaf, as well as suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, job hunting can be difficult. Pam helped me create a resume, upgraded my skills by having me do work for her magazine, and prepared me for job interviews. Without her help, I would not be as confident as I am today.

Timothy Michael

Pam helped me take the first step to becoming an entrepreneur, even though it was scary! She helped me to see how my dream would look in reality! Today I’m making 56% more money than when I was an employee and working less hours. I have more time for family and my favorite pastime—my hubby and fishing! I straight up think she’s fabulous!

Christina Horn

I have known Pam Vincent since 1998, as her Licensed Massage Therapist. Having this personal connection I have been blessed to see her move beyond her local newspaper articles, Teacher and Administrator to a very successful Author of numerous books, Speaker, Coach and Editor. She is a gifted and talented gardener, Mother, Wife and Self-Employed powerful woman of grace. I wish her well on these next chapters ahead a screenwriter and I know more success and dynamic adventures await this amazing woman that I am blessed to call my friend.

Deborah Shaw

Loved your writing class! Wow do you pack a lot into it! Very well organized, succinct, personal, great enthusiasm, conversational, interesting to listen to, and informative. I like your use of personal stories and examples (such as your comment about Helen Steiner Rice). It was wonderful to have a rundown of magazines to submit to and how to find what they are looking for. Nice! What you said, “Write from passion first.” was one of my favorite statements. You inspired me! Went home and spent hours working on a project – I think you will like it too!  I am always so amazed at what a wonderful speaker and teacher you are. Thank you x infinity!


Pam, my website, resume and cover page looks excellent. You have been a tremendous help! And thank you for the encouragement, I bet you know more about the difficulties of job searching than just about anyone.


To Writers, Entrepreneurs and Dreamers;

I fight with all the acronyms out there: ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder, and FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), SOS (shiny object syndrome) and procrastination. Not only did Pam help me research the information to make things happen, she nagged me until I followed through with submitting my writing for publication.

I’m excited to have my first article go live on the Huffington Post. To all the writers and online Entrepreneurs, never give up. With a little hard work and determination anything is possible. Thanks Pam for believing in me, helping me and pushing me to get it done!


The Build Your Own Opportunities class is a superb catalyst for the entrepreneur to build a strategy for successfully handling business in the 21st Century marketplace. Pam helps you focus on the small things so that you can handle the big things with an entrepreneurial ease. I have been in business for several years now, but sometimes I get so caught up in doing business that I fail to adequately take care of my business. This class has helped me to incorporate a business strategy that allows me to do both with excellence.

Sharon Jenkins

Entrepreneur, teacher, motivator, and equipper Pamala J. Vincent is an overflowing basket of information poised to help others tap into their potential. Her workshops teach the how-to of starting a business from her own wealth of experience and research. Pam is passionate to see people reach out and take hold of their dreams—dreams that not only satisfy but also bring in a sustainable income. Her classes will not disappoint. Rather, they will give participants what is needed to succeed with their goals.

Maxine Marsolini

Caring, compassionate, motivational, creative thinking, inspirational, a cheerleader! These words all describe Pam. These, and many more. Pam has the ability to see beyond what is, to what could become, and then works to make a dream a reality. Entrusted with two of my children, she worked tirelessly to help them achieve their goals. They in turn, motivated by her tireless spirit and belief in their value and abilities, did their part, with excellent results. A gift in the life of our family, I am so grateful that she was there!

Lorna Sleeper

Pamala Vincent is authentic in her desire for women of all ages to believe in themselves and their abilities to accomplish their dreams. So many of us want to be amazing friends, wives, and mothers, but we may also struggle with finding time to feed relationships while pursuing careers. The Modern Women’s Life online magazine provides encouragement while reaching various goals, tools to help us better our health, and inspiration for when we feel discouraged. But it doesn’t stop there. It also offers tips and contacts for women who want to become entrepreneurs. A home-based business can be rewarding, both personally and financially, and at the same time give flexibility to spend time with the family. As an entrepreneur myself, and a believer that women should pursue their passions, I continue to enjoy The Modern Women’s Life.

Dawn Kinzer

Pam has been a wonderful encouragement to me as I have grown in my relationship with Christ and spread my own wings. She has a heart to reach the women around her, and to convince them that they have the keys to their struggles. They do not have to stay locked up forever. She revives the heart that says, “I can’t do this anymore.”

Lily Shaver