About the Magazine

“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another,

‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one”
— C.S. Lewis


In our home, we practice a Hawaiian phrase we learned growing up in the islands called Ohana. It means ‘family regardless of blood and NO family member is ever left behind.’

I’m passionate about arming women to successfully fight the day-to-day battles that leave war wounds. Defining ourselves may be the first line of defense to an abundant life!

I created and launched this online magazine, The Modern Woman’s Life, (www.TMWLife.com ) to inspire women to discover their strengths and enjoy the ripples of putting into practice their authentic selves.

Most households today survive on 2 incomes or more than minimum wage. As a home-based entrepreneur, I’ve experienced the great benefits.

Working from home leaves me time to workout, plant a flower or two, have a moment of quiet time, pay all the bills, argue with insurance companies, plan menus and still get a good night’s sleep.

Working from home allowed me to slow down the chaos.

One of the principles of the magazine is passing our knowledge onto the next woman.  (Titus 2)

My heart goes out to the young woman who’s missing tools to stand the battle, or whose tools just need sharpening. The magazine strives to share with women the talents, abilities and hard-knock lessons that propel us to grow stronger.

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Of course, I hope you enjoy the articles and find something you can use in your daily walk.

Most importantly, reach out to another woman. Share with her your losses and wins throughout your life. You might have one little tip that helps her survive a life skirmish. Sometimes just knowing you aren’t the only one to experience battles, makes the war easier to engage in. Perhaps the overflow of your life lessons will feed her soul too.