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I'm Pamala J Vincent, Pam to those who know me. I'm a wife of now 42 years to the surfer I met in high school. Mom to 2 and most of the small town we live in. I'm redeemed by Christ, an author, speaker, screenwriter and strategist. I'm passionate about inspiring women to define themselves, embrace their passions and discover their purpose. There's nothing more rewarding than standing in the gap with badass warriors until they can do it for themselves. You can find me in the garden with my lab or on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, Google+ and YouTube!

Challenge Your Thinking (Study Questions)

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Challenge your thinking One of the steps to challenging your thinking is to follow the thought to its core. Ask Why and What if? For example: I don’t like doctor visits. Why? Because every time I’ve taken someone to the doctor, it’s bad news. Why? I’m afraid they’ll find something bad. Why? I’m overweight and [...]

Why Dare to be a Badass Notes

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Do you ever feel like you’re going through the motions of life? Maybe you live for vacations or those occasional moments when all the stars align and you feel awesome? Maybe you’re spending time in the ‘what if’ thoughts of dreams? There comes a time when we all need to stop wishing our lives away. [...]

Why Dare to be a Badass?

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 Written Transcript Challenge Your Thinking (Study Questions) Ever feel like you’re going through the motions of life? There comes a time when we need to stop wishing our lives away and decide we are taking the steps to set our feet on the path of intentional living regardless of where it [...]

Rahab ~ An Honorable Prostitute

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Doomed to be caught up in the slaughter of the Israel army, she saved her family by hiding spies. Read her story Joshua 2:1-6 Rahab lived in the town of Jericho and was the resident prostitute. She was a Canaanite, which meant she was an enemy of Israel. Why is this important? Jericho was about [...]

Tabitha ~ Beating Death with Kindness!

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Beating Death with Kindness! Read her story Acts 9:36-42   Her love and care for others is what caused them to insist that Peter heal her. Things we can learn from Tabitha: She took her skill – sewing—and used it to care for those in need. Her faith was rewarded and her story inspired others [...]

10 Habits Successful People Do Daily!

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We interviewed 100 successful people, here's what they do each day to move their success forward. They’re Centered. They know that peace comes from within rather than from others or situations. They practice being prepared, scheduling, and focusing on priorities. They set boundaries with what they allow into their lives. They understand the value of [...]