B.J. Taylor – Featured Woman

B.J. Taylor – Featured Woman

You’ve got to love a woman who rescues an “unadoptable” dog! When B.J. Taylor first read about rescue dog Charlie Bear, she gazed at his photograph and knew right away he was the dog for her. Their family soon discovered Charlie Bear was brought into their world for a very special reason-to teach them about life, love, and second chances. As he begins his new life, Charlie Bear ferociously guards his food and toys, throws temper tantrums, and is sensitive to touch. Although B.J. doubts their sanity in adopting Charlie Bear after he repeatedly attacks their other dog, Rex, she is determined to make it work for the sake of her husband, who has fallen in love. But when B.J.’s world begins to fall apart, she shares how time, patience, and faith helped her realize that Charlie Bear was not the only one who needed a second chance-she did, too. Charlie Bear offers a loving tribute to a rescue dog that eventually sheds his headstrong ways, becomes a loving member of a family, and ultimately changes three lives forever.

Charlie Bear: What a Headstrong Rescue Dog Taught Me about Life, Love, and Second Chances by B. J. Taylor (9-Apr-2012) Paperback

B.J. Taylor is a regular wife, mom, and grandma who happens to be a successful author, speaker and instructor. She loves to see others succeed. She has sold 40 stories to Chicken Soup, along with many others to Guideposts, Romantic Homes, Angels on Earth, John Gray’s Mars and Venus in Love, and numerous others. She is an award-winning author who enjoys leading workshops and speaking from the heart.

Her book Inspiring Stories for Tough Times for Women (and Dog and Cat lovers) is a delightful read and contains up-close and personal real life stories that provide inspiration, encouragement, and hope. In TOUGH TIMES, you’ll discover how real people face real challenges and how they conquer their fears with courage, strength, and faith. In WOMEN, you’ll find B.J. also struggles with the ups and downs in life. In an entertaining and motivating style, B.J. shares her personal stories of empowerment and healing. In DOG & CAT LOVERS, you’ll recognize the abundance of love we all have for our furry friends and the love they give us in return.

Sunny Side Up: Inspiring Stories for Tough Times, Women, Dog & Cat Lovers

1) What exactly is your business and what made you get started?
I’m an author, a speaker, and an instructor. I began with a wish: that wish was to help others through my writing. I’ve pursued publication ever since I began, but it took a while to get there. The speaking and teaching took even longer, but I never gave up. Share your wish!

2) What one thing do you do every day to move yourself forward and stay focused? Where do you find your inspiration?
My inspiration comes from motivational quotes, including the poem, “Don’t Quit.” I work every day on reading positive literature to keep negativity at bay, focus on the good things that are happening in my life and in my career, and put one foot in front of the other toward my goals by submitting without ceasing.

3) What do you do regularly to take care of yourself?
Every night after dinner I bring my Havanese rescue dog Charlie Bear out into the garage with me. He gets a chewy treat and I get one too. I pick up a book, don my reading glasses, and immerse myself in the world of reading while riding my exercise bike. I believe that in order to be a good “whatever you want to be” you must do that thing to learn all you can about it. I want to be a good writer, so I read in order to learn what engages and captivates readers. Because I’m sort of a jumping bean during the day, moving from one project to the next to the next, I take the evening time to sit and relax. Charlie Bear loves it too.


4) How do you keep yourself emotionally balanced while you are pushing forward?
Emotional balance comes from inside and I fill my inside from two forces. The power of God and his love, and the joy of good friends who listen. Do you have at least one good friend as your go-to person—the one you can call to cry with, sigh with, and rejoice with?

5) What’s the best part and the worst part of your job?
The worst part of my job is the marketing and promotion. The best part of my job is the joy when I read reviews of my books and feel how much a reader loves it. Another best part is when an attendee at one of my classes who has now become a published author shares his/her elation and joy. And another best part is teaching. I LOVE to teach others how to become successful, published authors (which is why I wrote the book P MS to a T: The Winning Formula for Writing Nonfiction Short Stories that Sell).

6) What failure taught you the most and what was it?
An early nonacceptance (also known as a rejection) ripped at my writing abilities and said that I didn’t know what I was talking about. The editor was probably right, but he could have been nicer. It taught me to have a thick skin in the world out there. No one can burst my bubble of enthusiasm unless I let them. And I don’t let them. I’ll bet you have stumbling blocks you’ve had to overcome too.

7) If you had to do something different, what would that be?
Hmmm…that’s a tough one. Would I do something different? Probably not. I’d probably try to find some way to stay involved in being an author, a speaker, an instructor. It’s my passion. It’s what I love.

8) If you had advice to give to someone else who was thinking of becoming an entrepreneur, what would that be?
Choosing to step out into the unknown is always scary, but your ship can never come in if it never takes off from shore. Be brave. Go after your dream. Envision your success. It may take a while, like my goal to become a writer for Guideposts magazine. I entered their contest for eight years before finally receiving an acceptance. And my world as a writer opened up before me.

9) What did you have to overcome personally to be able to do what you do?
Family and friends are not always supportive of a dream. They may be well-meaning, but negativity disguised as “reality” only brings you down. Shut yourself off from it as best you can. Shut your ears. Don’t listen to it. Fill your mind with thoughts of success and achievement. And surround yourself with others who share your excitement. I have two of the best girlfriends in the whole wide world. Do you have at least one?

10) Any last parting words?
No matter what you desire to do with your life, remember that if you don’t go after it yourself, no one will do it for you. Don’t wait for the right moment to begin. If you wait for all of the traffic signals to turn green, you’ll be waiting forever. Forge ahead, work hard, and don’t give up.

Places to contact BJ Taylor:

BLOG: www.bjtaylor.com/blog

WEBSITE: www.bjtaylor.com

EMAIL: bj.taylor@verizon.net

TWITTER: bjtaylortweets (Rescue Dog Charlie Bear has a Twitter handle: charliebearY2K)


More Books by B. J. Taylor

P MS to a T: The Winning Formula for Writing Nonfiction Short Stories That Sell

Ever wish you had a formula for writing short stories that sell? Now you do. B.J. Taylor takes you through the formula step by step, sharing her 20 years of publishing success using concrete examples from her published work.

You’ll discover:

  • The P MS to a T winning formula.
  • The Seven Steps to Stories that Sell and How the Formula Fits
  • How to make your story stand out.
  • Why titles are important.
  • What ghostwriting means.
  • How much money you can make?

All these questions and more are answered in BJ Taylor’s book P MS to a T!


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