When Your College Student Wants to Drop Out: How Will You React?

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OK, you’ve worked with your child for years preparing them for college. They’ve done the community service since junior high that looks great on their entrance applications. You’ve sat through every sporting event until you are the official stats keeper, and snack packer. You’ve cringed through advanced Algebra, agonized over assisting them on their SAT’s, [...]

Between a Rock and a Teenager Radio Interview

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Blog Talk Radio features Pam Vincent interviewed about her new book Between A Rock and a Teenager  - radio podcast from 2012 Book- $9.99 (ebook) Between a Rock and a Teenager: Survival Guide for Parenting Teens: Unleash Your Teen's Potential!   *Note: TREC Academy was retired in 2015, but the book is still available [...]

Beyond Divorce Damage Control

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by Dr. Jane Bluestein <--Check out her website  Beyond damage control… Here are some tips to reduce the stress and anxiety you children may experience during and after your divorce. • Maintain a civil relationship with your spouse* during the divorce and afterwards. Treat each other with tolerance and respect. • Don’t badmouth your spouse to your [...]

9 Ways to Guarantee Your Adult Children Will Never Leave!

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If you’ve parented your children well, as they reach young adulthood, you should be out of a job. It’s a scary world out there, and it’s hard to see them as adults. Every summer we attend graduations and weddings and my thoughts are always, “They look so young!” If you want your babies to stay [...]

Entrepreneurship and Higher Education: The Perfect Marriage

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Universities throughout the United States are expanding their worldwide outreach both internally and externally to combat the segregation that would render them ineffectual in today's global economy. Embracing globalization not only increases the university's relevance in the lives of its internal stakeholders, but it also allows them to become a significant positive influence on a [...]

Affluenza – The Disease of Entitlement Affecting our Children

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Wise discipline imparts wisdom; spoiled adolescents embarrass their parents. Proverbs 29:15 By Maxine Marsolini Ethan Crouch. His case made national headlines twice: The first time was when a psychologist testified for the defense that Mr. Couch had “affluenza” and was too influenced by privilege and his parents’ permissiveness to know right from wrong.[1] Teenager Ethan [...]

I Adopted a Baby Goose and He Turned My Household–and my Parenting—Upside-Down!

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  Ever have a gut feeling while raising children? Listen to it! I named him Chester. A plucky little Canada goose that was given to me shortly after he’d been rescued. He came to live with us as a pre-teen, and no one was sure what this little scruff was as he scrambled between my feet everywhere [...]