Life Can Seem Ungrateful

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Life can seem ungrateful, and not always kind. Life can pull at your heartstrings, and play with your mind. Life can be blissful, and happy and free. Life can put beauty, in the things that you see. Life can place challenges, right at your feet. Life can make good, of the hardships that we meet. [...]

Define Your Approach to Life: Offense or Defense

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Football season has arrived again. Teams are stacked to their best positions to win the game. Healthy teams need both the defensive team and the offensive team. The overarching goal of both teams is to win the game, but the defense is focused on stopping the opposing side’s advances while the offense’s purpose is to [...]

Stop Doubting Your Greatness!

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Do you feel like you’re going through the motions of life? Do you live for vacations or those occasional moments when all the stars align and you feel awesome? Do you spend time in the ‘what if’ thoughts of dreams? Life isn’t always about earning millions of dollars or becoming the next super star. More [...]

Why Define Yourself?

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In the art world, new artists begin their journey with simple forms and graduate to more complex styles, mediums and perspectives. Once they’ve developed their craft, they then attempt to emulate the great masterpieces of the art world. In doing so, most artists discover their own style. Each great artist, though they may change throughout [...]

Define Yourself for Purposeful Success!

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While in the gym, struggling through the last of the planks and sit-ups, staring me in the face is a board that says, “One year from today, what will you have wished you started?” The truth is next year will arrive 365 days from today whether we complete a goal or not. I’m not particularly [...]