Ute Luppertz – Pet Healer

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Ute  Luppertz, M.A.is a holistic healing coach for pets and has many years of experience working with special needs animals. She is a Reiki Master and a Tellington TTouch practitioner. I first met Ute at a women's networking conference. Her calm demeanor and quiet confidence is the first thing that strikes you. Her love for animals [...]

Tiffany Thoen -Integrative Coach

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Tiffany Thoen is an Integrative Coach and RN. Her passion is for coaching women who feel depleted. She helps them make small changes so they can finally enjoy their lives. In her words: I have been a registered nurse for ten years. I worked on an acute care floor at OHSU. It was intense, to say the least. The [...]

Kt McVeigh – Copywriter

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Kt McVeigh is a bright-eyed Copywriter + Content Creator from the East Coast; a lover of bats, -ber months, and pine trees. I first met Kt when I hired the Blooming Pixels Team to update the Modern Woman's Life magazine. She's bright, engaging, sensitive, and easy to work with. She had me write about myself, [...]

Wendy Place – Herbalist, Aromatherapist & Health Coach

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While watching TV one night, I saw the contra-indications for a medication I'd been taking for some time. I panicked until I spoke with Wendy. She immediately understood what was going on with me, and how to correct it naturally. Through our conversation, I also mentioned that our 14 year old lab was having trouble [...]

Kimberly Ficklin – The Anti-Diet Nutrition Coach

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Kimberly is a formerly stressed out corporate salesperson turned recognized Nutritional Mindset Coach and Public Speaker. Her personal mission is to help you live an inspired life fully engaged in taking care of yourself. She specializes in helping busy professionals navigate nutrition and self-care easily and effectively. Her practical coaching style empowers her clients to [...]

Cindy Eastman – Legal Shield

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Ever wonder what it could cost to battle in court these days? With identity thief on the rise, law suits at every corner, and the need to speak up about finishing your life-race well, Cindy offers some solutions that can prevent the worst. Her tender heart and hard working attitude is only second to her [...]

Hilary Manton Lodge

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HILLARY MANTON LODGE is the author of Together at the Table, Reservations for Two, A Table by the Window, Plain Jayne,  and Simply Sara. A graduate of the University of Oregon’s School of Journalism, Hillary discovered the world of cuisine during her internship at Northwest Palate Magazine. Her next novel, Jane of Austin, released June 13, 2017, from WaterBrook [...]

Camille Eide – Inspirational Romance Writer

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Camille Eide writes inspirational love stories and women's fiction. She lives in Oregon with her husband and is mom to three brilliant adults and Grammy to three precious grand-littles. She's grateful for the amazing grace of God, and either in spite of or thanks to that grace, she has a PhD in Learning Stuff the [...]

Stephanie Arnheim – EWomen Network Director and Networking Strategist

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Stephanie Arnheim is a Business Networking Strategist who helps educate business professionals in the art and science of empowered networking to move their business to the next level. Networking is about making connections and building enduring, mutually beneficial relationships. Stephanie Connects provides the training, tools and opportunities to make sure you meet the “right” people to [...]