April McGowan – Healing Fiction

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To an artist, the light is everything. So what is Amber supposed to do when facing blindness? Amber, loving life as an independent woman, has a job as an art instructor and the perfect apartment. But when a routine eye appointment reveals she's losing her sight, life comes to a halt. Pressures come at her [...]

Patricia Rushford – Multi Genre Author

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Patricia H. Rushford, has written over fifty books, fiction and non-fiction. She writes for children and adults, has an MA in Counseling and is best known for her book, What Kids Need Most in a Mom and her Jennie McGrady Mysteries for kids. I first met Pat at Oregon Christian Writers' Summer Conference when she [...]

Payge Hooper Kerman – Web and Graphic Designer

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Payge is a transformation specialist. She loves redesigning and restructuring websites, logos and other graphics turning them into beautiful new products. She specializes at turning your designs into statements that match who you are and who you want to be! She is responsible for completely overhauling The Modern Woman's Life Magazine into what you see [...]

Robin Bertram – Media Professional

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Robin Bertram is a media professional, author, speaker, and host of "Freedom Today Television." She is Vice President of Christian Women in Media Association. Freedom Today is a current, cutting-edge Christian television show which addresses current "in the news" issues, biblical worldview, radical life-changing testimonials and solid biblical teaching. Fresh and innovative, this program promises to [...]

Christine Lumbroso – Multi-Tasking Entrepreneur

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There's a saying, "Pick one thing and do it well! That's how you succeed!" Not for Christine Lumbroso. She has as many small businesses as she has children and each one is successful on its own--just like her children. We've been friends for years, and I've had the privilege of working beside her as we [...]

Stephanie Core – Dog Walker

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Stephanie and I met years ago on a soccer field when our boys were young. In fact, they continued to play sports together for years, which left us sitting on the benches cheering them on and talking about life/work balance, dreams, and family. She embraces family like most people do careers. She has invested herself [...]

Patti Hill – Author

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Patti Hill, author of seven novels, five traditionally and two independently published. The latest, The San Clemente Bait Shop & Telephony is available on Amazon. $14.99 * The San Clemente Bait Shop and Telephony: a novel 1) What exactly is your business and what made you get started? I write novels for women who appreciate [...]

Jordan Elizabeth Borchert – Freelance Writer

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She is pursuing a creative and professional writing degree. So far she has managed to pay out of pocket for school and has no loans or debt of any kind for school.  Presenting Jordan Elizabeth Borchert! Watch this up and coming star! I found her writing for a professional site, loved her work so much, [...]

Marion Duckworth – Author

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Marion Duckworth is an author, speaker and mentor. She’s the kind of woman who passes on great wisdom, but what you really want is her in your court as a prayer warrior. When it comes to writing, she’s probably forgotten more than I’ve ever learned. She’s published seventeen books, curriculum and hundreds of articles. Her [...]

Susan G. Mathis – Author

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Ever wonder how faith, family and a quilt connects a 21st-century single mother to an 1850's Irish immigrant? Susan G Mathis is a versatile writer and author of five books for adults and children. Her debut novel, The Fabric of Hope: An Irish Family Legacy. $12.99 * The Fabric of Hope: An Irish Family Legacy [...]