Keeping Your Pets Healthy and Young

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Due to better information and great veterinary care, our pets are living longer. But like people, living longer doesn’t mean much if they aren’t healthy and active. According to the Dog Aging Project out of Seattle, Washington, ‘healthspan’ is the “Period of life spent in good health, free from the chronic diseases and disabilities of [...]

Healthy Teas: Which one works for you?

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The world has long since loved teas and tea time is an important daily ritual. There are as many teas are their coffee stands in the Northwest, and if you chose one for health reasons, how do you know which one works for you? At the very least, tea has ½ the caffeine, can be [...]

Taking Care of You!

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Ever feel like a circus clown juggling too many balls in the air? Unmanaged time can feel like you’re on a merry-go-round that’s spinning out of control. Fatigue sets in and the chaos increases. This season of unrest can be brought on by our lack of time management, people pleasing desires, grief, new situations and [...]

How to Get the Most from Your Doctor Visits

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Doctors are trained to listen to our problems, unfortunately two things happen in a visit that often deters from getting the best health advice: 1) Doctors are busy. They’re looking for our chief complaint and considering a plan of treatment. 2) We don’t prioritize our concerns and often leave out important information for the doctor [...]

Vitamin B12: Are you getting enough?

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Most people absorb enough vitamin B12 from natural sources like eggs, fish, dairy products, and meat. But for women with gut problems such as IBS, Chrons, celiac disease, heartburn sufferers taking protein pump inhibitors, strict vegans and vegetarians might find themselves at risk for B12 deficiencies. Symptoms can increase quickly once they start, so will [...]

Sugar Free! Healthy? Opps!

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We drink diet soda, replace sugar with sugar-free sweeteners and attempt to learn the myriad of names for sugar on labels to avoid compromising our health. I always wondered why some people who exclusively drink diet sodas and sugar-free snacks seemed to fight their weight more than someone downing pastries and syrupy sodas. Here’s the [...]