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follow link Building Your Business by Finding Your Passion You drop kid #1 off at school, the dog at the vet (hopefully you got the order right), then swing by the store because you’re the soccer snack mom this week, as kid #2 pukes all over the backseat. You arrive home to a 72 hour shut-off notice [...]

Web Creator We Recommend!

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Blooming Pixel Creatives is the website creator of our choice. You can reach them on Facebook or their website Blooming Pixel Creatives Price List (take a look at their work) $125 Business card design $500 Logo design $750 Basic 1-page site $1000 1-2 page site with a shop (e-commerce) $2000 5-page site $200 Monthly for [...]

Discounts for Seniors (But you have to ask)

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Save on Groceries Once you’ve used your senior discount at all of your favorite restaurants, you’ll need to buy some groceries. Lots of stores give a senior discount – you just need to ask. Keep in mind that discounts and deals may vary and can change without notice. • Farm Fresh – 5% discount Tuesdays [...]

Computer Savvy Jobs from Home

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Want to work from home and are computer savvy? There are companies, particularly small businesses that will pay you to do work that’s essential to the business but they can’t get it all done. At times, it might be part time work. Not enough to hire on a full time worker, or the company cannot [...]

Grow Richer with Organization!

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Money doesn’t grow on trees but it sure would be easier if the receipts would! Keeping track of receipts, files and important papers can mean the difference of wasting money or saving dollars. I used to put my important papers in a pile off to the side of my desk. Between knocking it over and [...]

Get Paid to Write about Travel and Vacation

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1. Transitions Abroad – $150 per post Transitions Abroad focuses on people who travel for a variety of reasons: work, education, retirement, volunteering, etc. They pay $150 for travel related articles particularly based on your own personal experience. 2. Wanderlust – £220 per post Britain-based Wanderlust targets the travel market as well. They prefer feature [...]