Fruit Tree Trimming

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It's time to trim the fruit trees. Any growth that grows straight up needs to be cut off while the tree is dormant. In our yard, we keep the fruit trees short so we can pick the fruit without using a very tall ladder. There are a few simple tricks to remember: Use sharp tools [...]


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It's Friday Again! We love to explore the Pearl District in Portland. Today we had lunch at a unique restaurant that instead of chips and salsa serves unlimited pickles! We love to order our bagel sandwiches but linger over the pickle jar. I think they lose money on us with all the delicious pickles we [...]

Church Photos

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One of the things we always have in hand is our cameras on our Friday play days! Julie has a collection of beautiful unique photos and I collect photos of gardens and churches. We often drive through town looking for old know, the ones with craftmanship and character that is rarely put into newer [...]

Movie Set!

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This Friday we spent on a film set! Since we're both screenwriters, we got to see the behind the scenes set up, meet the actors, and watch the hard, tedious work of shooting a scene! These guys are great, but we spend 5 hours watching them do 3 takes of a 22 second film shot. [...]


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OK, so one of the things we do on our play days is we take pictures. Did I mention I hang with a photographer? In fact you can find her gorgeous works in her gallery at  The amateur photos are mine! I got a new phone and we spent the afternoon learning to take [...]

Wishing Tree

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One of the things we love about being entrepreneurs is that ability to 'clock out' when we decide. We committed to 30 years ago when the babies were little to grab a few hours once a week to get away from everyone and everything and just be girls and play. We've weathered together, illnesses, job [...]