Film Making Tips for Teens

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Film-making is on the rise and with the age of technology creating short films is as close as your smart phone and home computer. Here are a few ideas to get you moving into the digital art world! Hang out with like-minded teens, create and make short films Be authentic. Create things that represent who [...]

How to Get Through College Without Debt!*

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How I’m Getting Through College Without Debt, Not Even a Penny!* by  Jordan Elizabeth Borchert College can be a daunting thing. When looking at the costs of an advanced education, it is very easy to get discouraged. According to the Harvard Institute of Politics “Majority of College Students, 42% of all 18- to 29- year olds, have student [...]

Before you Drop Out of College Do These 6 Things

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Too often college students reach their second year and choose to drop out. Now what? There are some questions you need to ask yourself. Get brutally honest and take a few forward steps until you find your balance again. Could taking a break help your situation?  Sometimes the pressure of studies, new environments, etc. take [...]

Entrepreneurship and Higher Education: The Perfect Marriage

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Universities throughout the United States are expanding their worldwide outreach both internally and externally to combat the segregation that would render them ineffectual in today's global economy. Embracing globalization not only increases the university's relevance in the lives of its internal stakeholders, but it also allows them to become a significant positive influence on a [...]

Teen Tips-Ten Things to Get the Job

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  Want to beat the job crowd and move up the interview line? Ten Tips for getting the job you want: Study the place you plan to seek employment.  What do they sell? How do they dress? What can you add to their business? Even when you’re just asking for an application be dressed professional. [...]