Things Teens Wish You Knew #5

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Even Good Kids Act Out Once In a While! Adolescents push boundaries. Even teenagers who get straight A's, come home on time, and treat their parents with respect...occasionally push boundaries. Teens have a need to explore their worlds, try on their ideas and test what you've told them is what they believe. Within reason, this [...]

Things Teens Wish You Knew #4

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Teens need time to relax. There's a tough balance to being a teen. They can be so busy they never relax. And they can be so relaxed, they never get out of bed or off the couch. The sleeping late things is common to their age and rapid growth rate, which requires more sleep. But [...]

Helicopter Parenting

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Helicopter parents hover so near to their children so often they are never allowed to make mistakes; thus disempowering their child. Although we all want to prevent serious injury or permanent mistakes, it isn’t wise to head off every serious event. It is good for them to learn such lessons as: Peers can wound you [...]

Things Teens Wish You Knew #3

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Never compare your children to each other or to other teens. Find something positive to say to them about them. Avoid compliments that are superficial like: You're beautiful, you're such a great student, you're an excellent athlete, ect. These compliments aren't lasting. Anyone can have a bad grade, hurt themselves and not be able to [...]

Things Teens Wish You Knew #2

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Teens hate when their parents fight. Don't be fooled. Teens are measuring relationships around them daily. Your relationship is foundational as to what they will learn to value in their own relationships. They need strong role models. They need strong examples of how to speak to a spouse, how to fight properly, how to say [...]

Mistakes help teens mature

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Prior to the teen years, as parents, it’s necessary to set a strong foundation; a foundation so firm our children will return to it even when they don’t do it consciously. As humans, we tend to always want to strive for things bigger and better than our parents. We can’t wait to ‘get out on [...]

Things Teens Wish You Knew #1

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Even though teens rarely say it, they love you and they really care what you think of them. The whole world is looking for love and acceptance. Unfortunately, when love doesn't find it's way to your teen, they're willing to take a kick just for the sake of attention. If you teen is acting out, [...]

Teen Tips-Ten Things to Get the Job

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  Want to beat the job crowd and move up the interview line? Ten Tips for getting the job you want: Study the place you plan to seek employment.  What do they sell? How do they dress? What can you add to their business? Even when you’re just asking for an application be dressed professional. [...]

Teen Tips – Internships

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Internships are an excellent way to get a jump on career jobs. They can: Teach you valuable job experience. Confirm your choice of careers (or clearly demonstrate what you don't want to do). Help you better understand your strengths and weaknesses. Help you mature in the public service arena. Move you past interview jitters before [...]