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I launched my entrepreneur business because I was unfulfilled working for companies where the dollar was more important than people.

“I believe in the power of story. It can comfort, challenge, and inspire. It can make us laugh, and it can bring us to tears. It can teach, take us on an adventure, and help us dream.”

What draws you to a book? Romance? A handsome hero? A strong heroine?  A tale that enables you to escape or make you sigh?

Although the stories I put to paper are fictional, they’re about real people with real struggles, with a little bit of humor and romance.

I’d like to introduce you to my current project—a three-book series, The Daughters of Riverton. These historical romances are set in the early 1900s, and they take place in a fictional town based on my own home town and people who lived there.

Sarah’s Smile is scheduled to be released in October 14th, 2016. $2.99 *

Sarah’s Smile (The Daughters of Riverton Book 1)


Hope’s Design will be published in November 11th, 2016. Available for Pre-order $2.99 *

Hope’s Design (The Daughters of Riverton Book 2)













Rebecca’s Song will be available in 2017.  You can learn more about these stories and Riverton by exploring Dawn’s site.


Dawn Kinzer is an author and freelance editor. A mother and grandmother, she lives with her husband in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Her stories inspire faith, hope and love.

1) What exactly is your business and what made you get started?

I see myself as having two businesses—writing and editing—but they fall under the same umbrella. I’ve been a freelance editor for seven years. Faithfully Write Editing was launched because I was unfulfilled working for companies where the dollar was more important than people. I’m also pretty independent, and I enjoy being my own boss.

Writing became an important part of my life long before I began editing, and I decided to seriously pursue a career in this field because it filled a creative need. Even more important—I realized that I might have a chance to make a difference. I strongly believe that the written word has the power to change lives.


2) What one thing do you do every day to move yourself forward and stay focused? Where do you find your inspiration?

A list of “to-dos” and my OUTLOOK calendar keep me focused on what needs to get done each day.

I find inspiration everywhere I look—in God’s Word, in music, through e-mails or texts with other Christian writers, in nature, and even social media.


3) What do you do regularly to take care of yourself?

I keep an ongoing dialogue with God. I strive to eat healthy and exercise on a consistent basis. A monthly massage relieves tension from work-related challenges and sitting at a desk for hours. It’s a luxury, but it makes a difference in how I feel.


4) How do you keep yourself emotionally balanced while you are pushing forward?

Family and friendships are important to me, so I’m diligent in taking time out for both. However, as an introvert, I also need time alone to recharge. Without it, I can feel exhausted and irritable.

Along with that—chatting with God and reminding myself that he’s still in control, even when everything around me feels out of control, helps keep me balanced.


5) What’s the best part and the worst part of your job?

As an editor, the best part is finding ways to improve a client’s manuscript, then seeing them get excited about my ideas. The worst part is feeling mentally drained after a full day of editing.

As a writer, the best part is creating something that touches or inspires people. The worst part is having to conquer various areas of technology in order to publish and market well.


6) What failure taught you the most and what was it?

My first marriage failed and ended in divorce. Although it was the most difficult thing I’ve ever gone through, I learned that I’m a stronger and more resilient person than I believed. Prior to that experience, I’d lived a life without much adversity, and divorce taught me to be even more empathetic of other people’s failures and pain. I came to an intimate understanding of forgiveness—the need to forgive, the need to receive forgiveness, and the importance of forgiving ourselves.


7) If you had to do something different, what would that be?

I majored in biology and minored in college and graduated with a BS. Although I loved literature and writing and did well in those college courses, I didn’t believe I had enough talent to be a writer. In my eyes, people who wrote novels were gifted people placed on pedestals. If I had it to do over, I would have taken all the college courses available on writing and pursued it much sooner.


8) If you had advice to give to someone else who was thinking of becoming an entrepreneur, what would that be?

Before you jump into starting a business—research, learn, and lay a solid foundation. I spent a year learning important business practices, taking classes on editing and honing my skills, and gleaning what other freelance editors had experienced before launching Faithfully Write Editing.

As a writer, I spent years studying my craft, blogging, attending writers conferences, networking with others in the industry, creating a platform, and learning all I could about publishing before releasing my debut novel.

If you’re married, pray together about your decision to become an entrepreneur. When you face challenges it will be important to have your spouse’s support. I made the decision to independently publish after my husband and I came to an agreement that God was leading us down that path.


9) What did you have to overcome personally to be able to do what you do?

Creative people sometimes feel threatened by technology. But as an entrepreneur, I must use websites, social media, and a variety of computer programs to keep up with current practices, expand my outreach, and keep connected to what is going on in my field. I’ve refused to let challenging technical issues get in my way. I decided that if other people could survive the learning curve, I could too. But if I struggle too long, I find someone who can help me.


10) Any last parting words?

Don’t underestimate yourself and what you have to offer. You’re stronger, brighter, and more creative than you think!






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