Embracing the Seasons!

Embracing the Seasons!

Pumpkin pie spice lattes, boots, rakes, hoodies, and long yoga pants announce this time of the year. In September where I live, I need the heater in the morning and the air conditioning in the afternoon; in October the nights are cold and the garden begins its slumber. I love summer’s pizazz, but by the time fall blows in, the autumn colors take second to none.

There’s something extraordinary about every turn of the globe. Much like our lives, we can mourn the passing of each season of our lives or applaud the adventure of the new span of time.

The seasons are what a symphony ought to be:

four perfect movements in harmony with each other.

~Arthur Rubinstein


As I pluck the pumpkins from our garden to decorate the front porch, I remember not only the time I carved my first gourd, but I can still recall when our pre-schoolers struggled hopefully under the weight of their first pumpkins. I miss those days, but the cool weather brings them home to the fire pit in the front yard where they share the struggles and adventures of being adults now. I love this time of life where they spend time with us because they want to rather than because they’re grounded! Both spells of time are precious.

And like the changing seasons and maturing trees, our lives progress to new heights and depths. We grow deep roots, and sturdy branches and survive the storms and springs. And as we mature, like the trees we plant, we provide shade and rest for those that come behind us. It’s so much fun celebrating those arriving into the spring of their lives, applauding the efforts and mistakes of those in the summer of their existence. It feels a bit strange and yet comforting to find us in the fall of our earthly residence. But rather than look back over my shoulder, I think instead I’ll find the golden nuggets of this portion of my life’s cycle. It takes storms, weeds, sunshine and slugs to teach plants to stand strong against nature’s destruction. Likewise, the rough stuff life throws at us makes us tougher, wiser, resilient, and prosperous.

Like the arrival of autumn, time marches on and we can moan about the good ole days or embrace the adventures to come.  Today I think I’ll decorate the porch with autumn’s abundance, and go share a pumpkin spice latte with friends.

How will you embrace this season of your life?

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