Greeting Cards Income!

Greeting Cards Income!

Believe it or not, greeting cards are a massive business. It is estimated the industry produces 7 billion dollars a year! That’s a massive profit that you can be a part of earning!

source site With purchases for every event possible, there is a great need for well written prose. Why not try your hand at making a few dollars for funny, or sentimental cards? While each company has a variety of needs and guidelines, there are certainly some you may be a perfect match for.

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Purchasing Provigil Here are 15 different companies:

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1. Moonlighting Cards

Priligy Online Canada If you just want to try your hand or dabble a bit, this is a perfect company to get started with. They pay typically for a few sentences $25. Moonlighting doesn’t always accept submissions, but they’ll occasionally run contests where you can submit.


2. ComStockMarketPlace

watch Once known as just “ComStock,” this is a greeting card company that’s specifically focused on adult-themed cards. They actively accept submissions and they have a tendency to prefer raunchy cards. In return, they’ll pay you $50 for accepted submissions.

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3. Smart Alex

Can You Buy Amoxicillin Over The Counter Uk The lighter side of the adult-themed cards, Smart Alex is more about risqué, inuendos and topical cards. Keep your humor relatively tasteful, but geared toward adults. Payment is unknown and you will need to negotiate with them.

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4. Blue Mountain Arts

Priligy Purchase This company prefers family-friendly messages. They like artful, heart-felt personal messages. Save silly humor for other companies. And be careful, this company is not interested in rhyming poetry submissions!

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5. It Takes Two

source url They state that they don’t accept submissions, but at conferences, they say they do. Give it a shot, but do so at your own risk!

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6. JQ Greetings

follow url For your high-class submissions, there’s JQ Greetings. They have periods of times when they accept submissions, so you’ll want to check their current schedule if you are considering submitting here. If you’re an artist, they most often accept art submissions (look at their catalog to get an idea for the kind of art they want.)

7. American Greetings

Priligy Singapore Online Second only to Hallmark in the world of greeting cards, American Greetings does accept submissions from freelance card creators. They aren’t just looking for anything, though. You’ll need to contact them officially and set up a meeting to discuss the submissions.

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8. Gallant Greetings

enter site These guys are always accepting submissions, though there is a warning that they won’t return your submission regardless of whether or not it is accepted. However, if you’re really passionate about greeting cards and considering making a career out of it, they are accepting actual long-term employment applications.

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9. Hallmark

How To Get Amoxicillin Online The big daddy of greeting cards companies. This company is making a huge market share of the greeting card industry, enough to afford their own TV channel and everything! So you can imagine that there are ways to make money through them.

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follow Unlike many of the others on this list, these guys only accept in-house writers. So writing for Hallmark is a full time job, and it may or may not require you to relocate. It’s a great opportunity for someone who wants to get some career experience as a writer, but not quite so great for those wanting some freelance action.

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10. Oatmeal Studios The Oatmeal Studios is a fun and down-to-earth company that sells a wide variety of cards. Oatmeal Studios is currently accepting submissions.

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11. Ephemera Submissions for this company are not just limited to greeting cards, though, because they are also interested in other types of merchandise, like stickers. If you manage to get your submission accepted, it’ll be an easy $50. They are accepting submissions.


12. Shoebox Cards

go to link While this was once a standalone operation, Shoebox Cards now operates as a subsidiary of Hallmark. That doesn’t mean they won’t accept submissions, though– you can go ahead and email them from their website if you are curious about it. When I looked into it, the only hard guideline I could find was not to send too many submissions at once.

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13. P.S. Greetings

go site This seasonally-focused card company accepts submissions, with variable payment. They only accept submissions by postal mail, and it must be in a self-addressed stamp envelope (SASE.)

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14. Avanti Press

Purchase Priligy Online Avanti Press is among the larger distributors in the industry, and they will occasionally accept submissions. At the time of writing, it says they’ve filled all their positions. But since they’re a noteworthy distributor, it wouldn’t hurt to send them a work sample, in case they start looking for submissions/writers again.

15. Freedom Greetings»-aontacht-magazine/?value=Aontacht Magazine This company is actively seeking salespeople to expand their range of distribution, but they are also accepting submissions for artists and editorial positions. There is a contact form of their website that will make it easy to contact them.

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