Here’s what others are saying!

Here’s what others are saying about these classes and the editing services I provide:

Hello Pam,

Loved your writing class! Wow do you pack a lot into it! Very well organized, succinct, personal, great enthusiasm, conversational, interesting to listen to, and informative. I like your use of personal stories and examples (such as your comment about Helen Steiner Rice). It was wonderful to have a rundown of magazines to submit to and how to find what they are looking for. Nice! What you said, “Write from passion first.” was one of my favorite statements. You inspired me! Went home and spent hours working on a project – I think you will like it too!  I am always so amazed at what a wonderful speaker and teacher you are. 

 Here’s the start of the project I’m crazy about – what do you think? Would you help me get it ready for Amazon? Thank you x infinity!




Pam, my website, resume and cover page looks excellent. You have been a tremendous help! And thank you for the encouragement, I bet you know more about the difficulties of job searching than just about anyone.  

-thanks again, Michael



To Writers, Entrepreneurs and Dreamers;

I fight with all the acronyms out there: ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder, and FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), SOS (shiny object syndrome) and procrastination. Not only did Pam help me research the information to make things happen, she nagged me until I followed through with submitting my writing for publication.  

I’m excited to have my first article go live on the Huffington Post. To all the writers and online Entrepreneurs, never give up. With a little hard work and determination anything is possible. Thanks Pam for believing in me, helping me and pushing me to get it done!

Here’s the story: Unhappy with your life? Change your story!




The Build Your Own Opportunities class is a superb catalyst for the entrepreneur to build a strategy for successfully handling business in the 21st Century marketplace. Pam helps you focus on the small things so that you can handle the big things with an entrepreneurial ease. I have been in business for several years now, but sometimes I get so caught up in doing business that I fail to adequately take care of my business. This class has helped me to incorporate a business strategy that allows me to do both with excellence. 

Sharon Jenkins
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