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There are millions of writers, coaches and speakers out there. Why me? Why this magazine?

I believe every person has been given a gift, one that equips them for a purpose here on this earth. I’ve seen so many people living their lives aimlessly, searching for something and filling it with anything. I remember my own search. I learned a lot along the way. I’m ready to share that insight with those who are looking and even with those who don’t know to look.

I’m passionate about family. A strong family can meet any obstacle that comes their way and the participants to that family benefit from its strength. How ever you define family, it must be strong to be a gapstander for relationships.

Because I’ve spent so many years teaching tweens and teens (the age where they’re forming who they will be and offer to the world) I’m invested in seeing them succeed. To help young people become their best, I’ve chosen to focus on equipping families to be their best..although my ideas are not exclusive to women, they are the primary focus of my purpose.

I believe as women, if we get US right, everything else falls into place. Equally, I believe becoming the strong hub of our homes is one of the ways to ‘get it right’. All activities fan out from there. Too often our castle walls are left unguarded, and lives, relationships, serenity, growth, and good choices get lost.

We must build our sensitivities to know when to put snipers on the turret walls to defend our family whether that be pulling up the drawbridge, equipping the warriors, organizing more rest, better health habits, creating financial stability or learning to play and relax.

I grew up in Hawaii, and there is a term embraced there called ‘Ohana.’ It means family (in an extended sense of the term, including blood-related, adoptive or intentional). The concept emphasizes that families are bound together and members must cooperate and remember one another. … Family means nobody gets left behind — or forgotten.

Everything I do, points to and equips Ohana. 

I help others discover the gifts they’ve already been given and build a plan for their purpose. 

I help people build their own opportunities and build an income from home.   

I help entrepreneurs go from concept to profits. 


Pam is available to speak to: Entrepreneurs and Custom coaching home based businesses.

She has spoken to Home-school groups, Teacher’s groups, Mom’s groups, Women’s retreats, Teen groups, Parenting groups, Women’s Home based business set up,  and Writing Groups.

She is as comfortable with small groups as she is very large groups. Pam brings a down-to-earth perspective on all topics and focuses on tool building and problem solving. She equips audiences to have a strong take-away that can be used in their day-to-day living.

As a career teacher (38 years) and natural administrator, she can see a problem, the solution and work to build a plan for success for the listener. She’s a four-time award winning Teacher of the Year for Alternative education in Oregon. But the greatest mark of her success is that her students continue to stay in contact and seek her ideas and advice with their children.

trec 273She also does home-school workshops and helps set up small school situations. She loves to see students succeed and has a particular love for working with the 12-25 year olds, the age group she calls ‘the world changers’.

She believes learning should be fun which in turn makes ‘concepts’ stick!

Fees are negotiable depending on the lecture time: 30 minutes, 1 hour to 3 days(for teens or women’s retreats)

You can reach her by email: pjvincent at rconnects dot com  (explain what you’re looking for and together we’ll build an affordable event) Please include your name, affiliation, contact phone number and email also.

 pand d

Deedra, my lab rescue and constant partner!

Published Articles




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East county gazette

15 years as a monthly contributor to The East County Gazette- readership 39,000+  —

2 Columns: Lessons from the Garden and Heroes Among Us  and occasional front page leads-



Birds and blooms

Birds and Blooms National Magazine



the storyteller

The Story Teller – 2 short stories



Ripples of Laughter

Blended Families by Maxine Marsolini

Oregon Christian Writers

3rd place winner for self-published cover art

Writer’s Digest Inspirational Short Story Contest – placed in top 25


Speaking Engagements Credits:

Homeschool support groups

Christian Supply – 45 topics per year based on curriculum styles, learning styles, organizing your home-school, scope and sequence, helping struggling students, etc.

Teacher Supported Meetings – Public and Christian School classroom support days. Teachers take away projects to help their students in specific areas of struggle: Learning through games, independent work stations, (the old Make it and Take it ideas)

Women’s luncheons, Mom’s breakfasts , Women’s teas – inspirational talks.

Women’s Retreats: 3 day workshops–speaking 4 times- designed to equip women, help define their identities, balance their ‘job descriptions’ and come up smiling rather than with teeth gritted.  These are fun, engaging, strong supportive weekends.