*Learning Styles

Do you know how your children learn? Or how you learn? You might be trying to teach your children a style not conducive to their retention. Learn how they learn and build their subjects for the best retention and application. This workshop will help you test and determine everyone’s style and how to teach, discipline and apply information. Tips are also listed in Pam’s book Learning Styles.

*Learning Through Games

Games build retention in a way that rote memory can’t do. We’ll tackle the tough subjects and come up with several ways to build a game and build a skill all with minimal tools and items you find around your house. Show up with problem areas, leave with solutions through games!

Appropriate for everyone. 3 hours long with a Make it and Take it list.

*Teaching multi-levels simultaneously

Homeschooling is tough, teaching several ages can challenge the most seasoned veteran until you learn these tried and tested techniques. We’ll discuss lesson planning, unit studies, scope and sequence and how to keep it all running smoothly!