There are as many ways to pray as there are people. I was asked how I pray and could I write it down.

First I try to be consistent, some days that works, some days it doesn’t 🙂 I don’t think my Heavenly Father cares as much as he cares that I spend time with Him. So the following is several ways I’ve experienced prayer:

Praying ACTS: 1)Acknowledge Christ and His wonderful attributes, 2) Confess things I’ve done wrong 3) Thank Him for all the things He’s done for me already 4) Supplication or asking for what I need or requests of Him.

When I use this method it might sound like this for me: 1) sing a praise song either aloud or silently 2) confess attitudes, actions and known things I’ve done 3) Gratitude praise, thanking for everything I have or have gone through even when I might not see all the benefits 4) Scripture says I have not because I ask not (James 4:2b) so that means I’m encouraged to ask…to ask with right motives, but to ask.

Arrow Prayers: Every time I think of something all day long, I send up a quick prayer or request. This way I’m in a state of prayer all day long and when I fall into bed I simply say “Amen.”

1/2 Day of Prayer:  1-2 times a year I take a 1/2 day to pray about goals, growth, direction in my life in all areas. I start the day praising, and purging all the crap in my life and asking for forgiveness. I usually read the book of Proverbs for direction, but I also really like Romans and Ephesians for directions. Then I sit with a prepared tablet with topics like: family/fitness/ministry/work/finances/friends/??? I ask God for direction for each of these things one at a time. Then I sit quiet. That’s the hard part…sitting and waiting. The waiting is what takes so long in this process. If you’re not tuned to listening to Christ for directions, it takes a while. I have to be careful to separate my wants and ego from God’s direction. It’s a process and gets better the more often I do it.

Rewriting: I write the scriptures inserting names of those I’m praying for. Sometimes I simply rewrite a book of the Bible to better cement the wisdoms in my heart.

I’m sure there are several other ways to pray but these are the main ones I use. Use one or add your idea below in the comments!