I Am! Powerful Tongue

I Am! Powerful Tongue

The tongue; It’s a tiny thing, but as powerful as a chef’s ceramic cleaver that cuts easily through bone. I was thinking about the weight of our spoken words yesterday when I was given a gift. I like to entertain family and friends and was treated to a chef’s knife. I don’t know the fancy name for it, but it cuts through bones like cutting butter. In fact, it’s so sharp, I feel a need to caution anyone using it to avoid losing fingers.

Words can be like that knife. Our choice of words and the way we string them into a dialogue, either can build up the soul igniting it for heavenly heights or slice deep into the core of our hearts. And the worst of this powerful conversation can be what we say to ourselves.

If we could see the video of our lives long before we’ve lived out our lives, we’d likely recognize our words hold far more power to sway our success or failure than we know.

Two words found in scripture are supremely powerful. My soul is thankful for, “I am,” referring to God’s Holy presence. In scripture, Christ doesn’t waste any words. There was no reason for Christ to elaborate more. He knew who he was and what his purpose was and simply stated, “I am.” ~John 13:19 “I am telling you now before it happens, so that when it does happen you will believe that I am who I am.

We often follow “I am” with emotions, such as: I am frustrated, I am disappointed, I am overwhelmed. If words direct powerful energy, then we’ve just invited those negative influences into our lives. It’s like placing an order for negative thoughts or flinging the door to our hearts wide open and allowing the destruction in.

If instead we say, “I am grateful for ____,” “I am excited about this opportunity to learn and grow,” I am capable of handling all these ____, think of the lessons I will learn.” We again set the wheels in motion for our success. I’m not suggesting we deny our feelings, but I do think we need to be mindful of how we speak to ourselves. If we identify with who we really are rather than ‘what we feel’ we live authentically. We are truly more than conquerors.

Be aware of any words you place after ‘I am…”

Let’s get the parts of speech straight. I am sad. Makes sad a direct object or the object of the noun. What if we instead said, “I feel sad, but I am strong. I will get through this and learn valuable lessons to pass on.” These words have the power to change the trajectory of our future.

Here’s a list of words you can use to embrace your best self:
Influential                        potent                  formidable                     aware
Capable                             powerful             significant                     effective
Instrumental                   important           worthy                            notable

Perhaps today make your own list and begin to substitute the negative words or defeating words with the truth of who you are and are becoming. The world needs your unique strengths and talents. When we shrink to less than who we are purposed to be, the ripples can be far-reaching.

We may need to spend time uncovering the buried treasure that the Master designed us for. Like my knife that can cut to the bone, it can also be used to make savory dishes for the people around us. Taming the tongue can take years, but it starts first in our minds and from the outpouring of our hearts. Let’s guard both. We were created with all the tools to do the jobs we were designed for.

You are Already More Than Enough!!

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