Getting a producer to read your screenplay can be as difficult as bathing a cat–not impossible but highly unlikely! Enter JD Dewitt, an agent of hope for film and literary writers! In the high stress, potentially cut-throat world of Hollywood, finding a friendly face can be tough. However, if you’ve ever met JD Dewitt, you know that movie making has its angels. JD’s job is to represent writers to film and literary opportunities. On behalf of 5×5 Media, JD DeWitt acquires and pitches Intellectual Properties to producers in Hollywood. She is also the founder of the annual film and literary conference, Connecting Writers with Hollywood. Set in the beautiful city of Spokane, Washington, her conference brings in some of the best film producers and CEO’s. She sets a stage that is relaxed, informative and of the highest caliber. Shhh…in fact, I think there may be a couple spots left for this year!

1) What exactly is your business and what inspired you?
I am the director of Connecting Writers with Hollywood. I’ve worked in both the entertainment and literary field for several years, this is how I get to blend the two!

2) What one thing do you do every day to move yourself forward and stay focused? Where do you find your inspiration?
I often work from home so in order to stay focused I have to stick to the work schedule that I lay out for myself, two weeks in advance. My inspiration comes from loving what I do, I get to read books and screenplays!

3) What do you do regularly to take care of yourself?
I go to the spa twice a month (yes that is in my schedule)!

4) How do you keep yourself emotionally balanced while you are pushing forward?
My husband is my biggest supporter! We’ve been married for 28 years and actually like to hang out with one another Every month or two, we try to get away for a couple of days. If we didn’t do this, I would work all the time. He provides a nice opportunity to set things aside and focus on important things. Work will always be there, waiting!

5) What’s the best part and the worst part of your job?
The best part is working with creative individuals. The worst is when their project doesn’t work out for the production company I work for and I have to send them “rejection” letters, which I prefer to refer to as “appreciatively decline” letters. In addition to being the director of the writers’ conference mentioned above, I am the Director of Development for 5×5 Media (

6) What failure taught you the most and what was it?
Going in to business with the wrong business partner. Relationships are important, investing in that comes first for me now. I have since gone into business with the right partner. There is mutual respect and we’re allowed to challenge one another and push each other to do good things. It’s a plus that we’re crazy like-minded!

7) If you had to do something different, what would that be?
I would want to work at Barnes and Noble and be around books and readers all day!

8) What did you have to overcome personally to be able to do what you do?
Being confident has always been a challenge for me, this past year I was very intentional at working on this weakness. I read a few non-fiction books about being a woman of confidence and that helped tremendously. Walking in confidence has made a huge difference in what I do and who I need to meet with on behalf of our clients. I pitch writers’ material directly to producers and directors in Hollywood. They can smell a lack of confidence 100 miles away.

9) If you had advice to give to someone else who was thinking of becoming an entrepreneur, what would that be?
Stay the course. Keep pushing through the issues, it takes time to build.

10) Any last parting words?
Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this interview, to get to know you and all of the wonderful things you do to elevate women in the workplace!

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