Multi-faceted Woman

Multi-faceted Woman

You Are More Than Enough (#YAMTE)


I’m not a jewelry person, BUT even I can get wooed by the sparkle under the glass cases. I looked at a pair of diamond loop earrings. They were gorgeous and EXPENSIVE! I’m not someone who will pay a monthly mortgage payment for an inch of rocks that will hang from my ears. I’m not judging, that’s just me.
I asked the jeweler what made the diamonds sparkle so brilliantly. He showed me how the multi-facet cuts catch and reflect the light. I enjoyed the conversation but walked away with my wallet firmly lodged in my purse, and the diamond lesson tucked in my mind.

On the way home, I heard Keith Urban’s song “Female” and the chorus resonated with me: Sister, shoulder, daughter, lover, healer, broken halo, mother, nature, fire, suit of armor, soul survivor, holy water, secret keeper, fortune teller, virgin Mary, scarlet letter, technicolor, river wild, baby girl, woman child, Female.
As women, there are many more attributes ascribed to the label woman. Where or when did we run off the track thinking we aren’t enough or that we must strive to be more? In truth, we wear more personas in a day than there are ants in an anthill.

I’ve wrestled in my own life with some short-coming beliefs. Some I can track their origins and some I can’t. It seems to take maturity, experiences, pain, and celebrations to grow a clarity of personal depth. I love spending my time with older women, who’ve weathered life’s storms and still choose to stay in the boat! They’ve learned lessons we should all strive to learn earlier in life. They’ve embraced their flaws, their strengths, their quirks and weaknesses. This is probably the greatest risk we can take, to be ourselves, all the facets blended to potential perfection; flaws and all.

I’m learning to like all the multi-facets of myself. When someone says, “You’re bossy” I’m okay with that because it also means I’m the one they come to when they need a take charge person. When I embrace the badass side of myself, my conservative friends baulk at the term, but my European friends applaud the warrior term. I’m a front-runner, a warrior, and a gap-stander. And rather than recoil, I can respond, “I’m cool like that.”
I’m done wishing I was like someone else and have learned to put my unique spin on my role in life. There is great freedom in stepping into all you are and have been created to be. It can be painful to scrutinize the hidden and unattractive sides of our personalities, but it is equally burden lifting and exciting to discover our own abilities and super powers!

Life has a way of cutting those painful surfaces into our hearts, but the upside is the ability to reflect the radiance given to us by the Master. And when someone walking by witnesses the vividness revealed in our lives after we’ve found the clarity, the gift of authenticity is passed on.

You Are More Than Enough is a new series on The Modern Woman’s Life Magazine and will be hash-tagged #YAMTE.

Take the challenge, discover just one strength you possess but are holding back on. Then share with all of us and inspire others to step into the brilliance of their true self.
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