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I know many of you will wonder what I’m up to offering CBD products. I lost a brother to drug and alcohol addictions due to managing a back injury with opioids. This started a slippery slide to his early death. I stood along side him through rehab programs, NA, AA that dealt with the head addiction but not the body addiction. He needed more and I was at a loss.

Then I cared for a precious family friend right through home hospice and his eventual graduation into heaven. He suffered pains that the side affects of medications made other things worse. Near the end he was taking 17-19 pills which soon became impossible to swallow. I wished I’d had another solution for him.

I’d heard about CBD but wrote it off as another way for potheads to get high. I was challenged to educate myself. CBD’s healing supports is the hemp plants immune system. It is possible to acquire CBD with little to  no THC (the part that gets you high) and add it to old recipes for pain and anxiety. I was skeptical, but I’ve seen so much success for clients that nothing else worked or the side effects of medications were scary, that I’ve decided to offer CBD to those who prefer a natural alternative to medications.

I’ve seen great success with Pets in pain, anxiety, separation issues, and obsessive behaviors.

I’ve seen great success with clients in chronic pain, joint pain, anxiety, strokes, surgery recovery, lowering blood pressure, stabilizing blood sugars, skin issues and migraine headaches. The list goes on.

I personally have used the pain cream for a dislocated thumb, on my mom’s back following back surgery, and give my 15 year old lab pup treats daily for hip issues (she’s like a pup again–something we haven’t see in 2 years).

My Site is Optimal Living and is an online store. Many people don’t want to go into a pot shop to get CBD and most shops don’t have many THC FREE products–I do. You can shop online, invite me to do a workshop for your curious group (and make a few bucks for hosting–ask me about it) and then once you find a product and dosage that works for you, you can order online and I ship next day (except for weekends).

Every individual is different, so I encourage you to do your research (you can start on my site and include your doctor in the discussion. Those that know me know I resist anything that isn’t natural unless it’s necessary, so you’ll understand why I’m so excited about bringing a natural immune supporting, pain relieving, anxiety managing plant to you.