*Between a Rock and a Teenager (BRAT)

Getting through the teen years with your sanity and their dignity intact can be a tug-a-war of mass proportions. But there’s no one more equipped than you to guide your teen through the tricky landmines enroute to becoming a responsible adult. We’ll talk about real-life strategies. You’ll take away a list of ideas to put into practice today! Or download a digital copy of Between a Rock and a Teenager.

*Getting the Job for Teens and Rookies

This is a professional development class designed to help teens prepare for jobs, the cover letter, the interview, the resume, references and securing the job where others fail. Pam has a 98% placement success rate! Perfect for 13-22-year-olds as a workshop, or for the parent who is preparing their young adult for the workforce. You can also download the digital copy of Getting the Job for Teens and Rookies.

*College Portfolio

It’s NOT too soon to start! In this workshop you’ll discover all the paperwork you should be saving, what experience to acquire for your child starting as young as 7th grade. We’ll talk about prepping for college essays and testing, when and how. And how to decide on a college and how soon to prepare!