Warrior Women aren’t born, they become.

Define Yourself – Design Your Life

You are already more than enough! We’re told be brave, have more confidence, build our self-esteem, find our passion but no one tells us how. This workshop is the ‘how to’ and gives strategies to discover the gold within and be all you are created to be!

Intro: 30 minutes

A bit more: 1 hour

Full workshop: 3 hours (retreat)

Appropriate: Women and/or teens  

*Redefine Yourself

We define ourselves by our jobs, our roles, our relationships and the season of life we’re in, but what happens when one of those ends? Transitions are confusing. This workshop is designed for women who are ready to grasp “What’s Next” and move smoothly into the next phase of life. We’ll brainstorm strategies and build tools you can use today.

*Finishing Strong

This workshop speaks to end of life issues. What will your family need to know after your death? You’ll prepare an “In the event of death” box leaving all your important papers in an easily accessible and understandable sequence. You can’t be with them when they grieve but you can make the transition much less stressful.

This is a two-week class: Week 1 we’ll discuss all the necessary paperwork and items to gather, and in week 2 we’ll put them all together. You’ll leave class with a “in the event of death” working box.