Build A Business

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  • In this class you'll learn:

    1) Find your passion.

    2) What problem do you see that you can solve?

    3) Why you? What’s unique about you?

    4) Branding yourself: Your business name

    5) Your strengths and weaknesses

    6) Tag line

    7) How do you plan to solve the problem?

    8) Mission Statement

    9) Your Elevator Speech

    10) Who’s your target market?

    11) Mission Statement: Why are you doing what you’re doing?

    12) Know your ‘What’

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    You've worked hard to create your business. You've been detail oriented on every level, now you need customers. This course teaches marketing ideas and how to get noticed by your target customers. Your success is in your hands. Check out this 30 minute video and build your success today!      
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    Hate your job? Have a passion? Can the two become one? Life's too short to spend 8-10 hours a day doing something you don't love. Can your passion become a business? This class will walk you through how to decide if your passion is a viable income or should remain a hobby. You drop kid #1 off at school, the dog at the vet (hopefully you got the order right), then swing by the store because you’re the soccer snack mom this week, as kid #2 pukes all over the backseat. You arrive home to a 72 hour shut-off notice hanging on the front door. You tuck your sick child into bed, drop the groceries on the counter, and check the bank statement to attempt to keep the power on. We’ve all been there. And although we’d never give up our families, the ups and the downs, the tears and the joys…I remember asking myself, “Is this it?” No one is going to care for my children, my spouse, or my dog with separation anxiety better than me. The problem is the bills need to be paid and as women we're often stretch far beyond our max! Building a business that inspires your creative passion AND pays the bills so you can work from home is easier than you think. This TREC Class: Find Your Passion: Build Your Business will walk you through the questions and steps it takes to get started building your own business. You Got This!!! 17 minute video - $4.99        
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    Frustrated? Stuck? Surviving Life and living abundantly can be like herding cats with air horns! These 14 rules can help you keep a balance between life, love, work, rest, passion, and the dull-drums of day to day life tasks. You were built for abundance and happiness. Let's walk through some tips on making that happen!      
  • Your creative juices are flowing and you've found your business idea, now what do you name it? Naming a business can be the road to success or the kiss of death. The name will be on your business cards, advertising, posters, your networking pitch, banners, bumper stickers, your website, your checks, your business license and in your Christmas letter to your friends and family! There are some definite do's and don'ts to naming new company--Branding Your Business Class will help you avoid the pitfalls of looking like an amateur. 8 minute video This class walks you through the 5 most important steps to deciding on your name. Be sure to take this class BEFORE you name your business!  A Deal at any price to save you the mistakes!      
  • The pitch or the elevator speech is a promotion of yourself or your business. It's just enough information to inspire your listener to want to know more and to ask for your business card. You have 20 seconds to promote yourself, leave them wanting, and avoid overselling and turning people off. This 5 minute class will share ideas to allow you to sell without being annoying! This video is 5 minutes long.      
  • Turn your passion into a home-based business! This Free 8 minute video will help you decide if you have a business or hobby and how to turn your idea into profits!

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  • Your All About Me – Business Story

    People love to know who they’re working with in a small businesses. I love to shop at places that have an inspiring story as to why they started their business. I will spend more money just to see them succeed. Your story or your about me helps others to understand your passion. The About Me class will walk you through the process of developing your mission statement and your business story. Build your story and you’ll build your business. Not only will others know who you are, it’ll serve as a guide to keep you focused and avoid distractions that can destroy a young business. 12 minute video. Customers need to know your story, who you are and why you do what you do…a Bio helps them get to know you before they decide to do business with you. This course helps you avoid the don’ts and get the do’s right!       
  • What You'll get in this Class:

    1) Website building

    2) Social Media

    3) The Dos and Don’ts of social Media

    4) Overview of driving business to your website

    5) Building a Newsletter

    6) Best Networking for you

    7) Life/work balance

  • What you'll learn in this class

    • Monetizing Your Site
    • Getting Seen in Your Industry
    • The Dos and Don’ts of social Media
    • Overview of driving business to your website
    • Blogging
    • Writing for large publications
    • Writing for local attention
    • Building a Newsletter
    • Traditional and Quirky ideas for enticing new customers
    • Life/work balance
    • Website Critique and Overview*