Responding verses Reacting

Responding verses Reacting

Responding verses reacting is probably one of the hardest skills to acquire, but probably the best way to keep from destroying yourself and others. I hate to admit I’m wrong and then ask for forgiveness, so I’ve learned (and still practicing) to pause. After all reacting is simply re-acting the situation that might feel like it’s attacking you. When someone blows up at us or is rude, human nature can cause us to mirror the action with the same intensity. Emotions escalate and no one wins the battle. BUT, pausing for a moment, filtering our thoughts, can help to respond at a lower intensity and de-escalate the situation moving closer to a solution and avoiding admitting your fault.

I’ve also experienced that often if I wait long enough, the situation solves itself.  Leaving me free to keep the peace or equip a movement forward.

Responding is also healthier for you. Take a look at this demonstration below:

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