When we shine, we illuminate the way for others!

I’m passionate about families. I don’t support the “working longer, harder, faster” philosophy.  There’s too much life to live to be working all the time. Let’s work smarter instead! I believe we are designed for abundance and I’d like to be part of your success story.

My clients are:

*The person who wants to stay home but needs more money than month!

*The home-school parent that needs help knowing what and when to teach their child. 

*The person who has NO idea what they might do for a business at home or how to get started.  

*Small business owners that are stuck getting to the next level or are just breaking even.

*The want-to-be business owner that needs structure and a plan to manage Life/work balance.

*Business owner that needs someone to help draw traffic and sales to their site.

How do I help?

  1. Modern Woman’s Life magazine features over 150 ideas for starting home based businesses.
  2. The Classroom is fully automated and breaks down topics into bite size lessons to insure success (and we’re the cheapest in the industry (we get what it’s like to start with nothing) the classes are$9.99 and at times are on sale for $5 each.  
  3. Evaluation of your business and a map to build success. $100 for a summary and 60 minute consult.
  4. EBooks available on a wide variety of subjects designed with strong Do-Today-Take-Away!
  5. Take Charge Tuesday Weekly Newsletter features up and coming classes, coupons, business opportunities, business building tips, inspiration, and features other successful businesses and how they did it. (free)
  6. Weekly How-to Videos with easy take-away tips.*
  7. Group coaching. You form a group, we’ll learn together, it’s cheaper for everyone. Minimum 10 in a group – $25 per person and the coordinator is free. 90 min workshop (2 levels)
  8. One on one coaching $250 for 3 one-hour sessions.
  9. TMWLIFE provides a place to showcase you and your business giving you social proof.

Pam is

A Strategist…

  • Building Businesses: I help new businesses get started with foundational basics working on a shoestring budget. I’m particularly passionate about women who desire to be home but still need an income. I’m intimately knowledgeable and successful at helping them find their talents and turn it into a soul satisfying business.
  • Accountability Coach: Once we strategize your plan, I work to help keep you on plan and serve as a reminder!
  • Coach Women to Discover their potential, personal strengths and build their own opportunities.
  • Homeschool curriculum advisor: I help parents figure out their children’s learning styles, as well as their own and match appropriate curriculum and programs for success. I advise all grades but particularly love working with Jr. high and high school students. I help build portfolios for college entrance in unique situations.
  • Learning Through Games: I put the fun in learning difficult information with Game building workshops and ideas.
  • Workshop presenter

 A freelance writer and published author with experience in:

  • Writing for large publications (Huffington Post, Addicted 2 Success, Ten to Twenty Parenting, Birds & Blooms, East County Gazette, Christian Communicator, Motivation, Wisdom Pills, The Good Men,She Owns it, Leaders in Heels, and many more.)
  • Content Writer: health, self-help, inspiration for small and large businesses for their newsletters, Facebook, advertisement, and website traffic attraction.
  • Resume writing: Build professional resumes, cover letters, letters of reference, bios and prepare clients for face to face interviews particularly when making a vertical movement. (Teens and Adults)
  • Mentoring Writers: I help want-to-be writers sharpen their skills and move from word to where they want to be in all forms of non-fiction, inspiration,screenwriting, grant-writing, business proposals, newspaper writing and more.