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  • Want to become a passive income expert? Check out my trainings!
  • In this class you'll learn:

    1) Find your passion.

    2) What problem do you see that you can solve?

    3) Why you? What’s unique about you?

    4) Branding yourself: Your business name

    5) Your strengths and weaknesses

    6) Tag line

    7) How do you plan to solve the problem?

    8) Mission Statement

    9) Your Elevator Speech

    10) Who’s your target market?

    11) Mission Statement: Why are you doing what you’re doing?

    12) Know your ‘What’

  •   Parenting is tough. And parenting a teen is the hardest thing you'll ever do and the greatest blessing you'll ever experience! This 209 page book equips parents with research and options to use parenting their teen(s). Unleash your teen's potential with parenting tips for:
    • The Sex Talk
    • Setting boundaries for driving, cell phones, dating
    • Prepare them to leave the nest
    • Apartment shopping
    • Includes worksheets for parents
    • Teen cookbook for starting out on their own (teach them now and they'll never starve!)
    • Budgeting helps for teens starting long before
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    Feeling Stuck?! I've been there. Developing some rules to live by, can untangle the chaos, make you productive and up your game! This twelve page quick read will hand you a set of tools to get 'unstuck' and start moving the direction of your dreams!    
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    You've worked hard to create your business. You've been detail oriented on every level, now you need customers. This course teaches marketing ideas and how to get noticed by your target customers. Your success is in your hands. Check out this 30 minute video and build your success today!      
  • $9.99 EBook - Download immediately! Start cooking tonight!    


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    Hate your job? Have a passion? Can the two become one? Life's too short to spend 8-10 hours a day doing something you don't love. Can your passion become a business? This class will walk you through how to decide if your passion is a viable income or should remain a hobby. You drop kid #1 off at school, the dog at the vet (hopefully you got the order right), then swing by the store because you’re the soccer snack mom this week, as kid #2 pukes all over the backseat. You arrive home to a 72 hour shut-off notice hanging on the front door. You tuck your sick child into bed, drop the groceries on the counter, and check the bank statement to attempt to keep the power on. We’ve all been there. And although we’d never give up our families, the ups and the downs, the tears and the joys…I remember asking myself, “Is this it?” No one is going to care for my children, my spouse, or my dog with separation anxiety better than me. The problem is the bills need to be paid and as women we're often stretch far beyond our max! Building a business that inspires your creative passion AND pays the bills so you can work from home is easier than you think. This TREC Class: Find Your Passion: Build Your Business will walk you through the questions and steps it takes to get started building your own business. You Got This!!! 17 minute video - $4.99        
  • Finding and getting a job is tough. It's even tougher when you're a teen without previous job experience. This book walks you how to gain the experience employers are looking for, how to write a glowing resume, reference letter, and how to survive the interview and GET THE JOB!

  • Ebook - Download for immediate usage! 

    From Concept to citing your work! Want an A+? This 20 page guide will help you select your project, put it into proper form and add proper bibliographies. 

    And a bonus feature: Taking your project over the top for that extra impression! 

    Appropriate for 6th grade through college.  



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  • Too often children fail in educational endeavors, but it’s commonly the methods being used to teach the material. All of us have a learning style, the means by which we take in information. If we are forced to learn in a way that is not our strength, our retention and retrieval is low to none. Ever wonder why one student or child catches on quickly while another doesn't? Most likely the child who is excelling has the same learning style as the teacher, and the opposite is true of the other child.

    It's not uncommon for a teacher to be one style of learning and the student another causing little success on the student's part and frustration on the teacher's part. Learning styles is a book about the four main types of learning uptake of information, then the retention and retrieval of that information. This book is vital for anyone in a teaching position whether you are in a classroom, homeschooling, coaching, or raising a child. First you need to learn your style, and then figure out your student's learning style. This knowledge will help you become your student's best advocate. Stop banging your head against a wall, and start designing successful educational opportunities. Learn your own style, your child's style and the teacher who will be training them. Once you know the way information is received and retrieved, you can help your child, yourself or their teacher to create means for success!
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    Frustrated? Stuck? Surviving Life and living abundantly can be like herding cats with air horns! These 14 rules can help you keep a balance between life, love, work, rest, passion, and the dull-drums of day to day life tasks. You were built for abundance and happiness. Let's walk through some tips on making that happen!