If full-on tutoring isn’t your style, perhaps you’d like to make money sharing smaller bits of information.

There are sites that will pay for your knowledge in bite-sized chunks.

While some people might think that querying Yahoo Answers or reddit is as good as any place for getting advice, other people want feedback from a professional, and they’re willing to pay for it.

Here are a few ideas:

1. ChaCha

If you remember the mid-2000’s and the arrival of the texting boom, then you almost definitely remember ChaCha. You text a question and get a response in a matter of moments. What’s the catch? The answer has an advertisement attached. It is such a popular format that big names came in and tried to steal the spotlight with advertising (if you remember KGB-KGB.)

Well the service is alive, and you can get paid for being a “ChaCha guide.” Just drop them a line on their website with your name and email address attached, and they’ll get back to you. You’ll need to be a quick typist, but you’ll get paid for your answers.


2. Ammas

Ammas.com, not to be confused with Ammas.org (a charity organization,) is a site that allows you to sell your expertise on just about anything. It won’t allow you to look around the site without signing up, but it’s easy to get started: just enter your email or connect with Facebook, and away you go.

3. JustAnswer

For those who are looking for expert feedback on their problems, there is JustAnswer. The way it works is that someone asks a question with a monetary value attached, and once they’ve decided that your answer is acceptable, they’ll pay you the amount. You make between $5 and $25 for a response, and can cash out to PayPal at $20.

4. WerLive

WerLive is something like a hybrid between an advice service and a tutoring service. The unique thing about it is that you use their native video chat to give people tutorials or quick answers when they need it.

6. SmallBiz Advice

This site is just like you’d think from the name. People come and ask questions about their small business, you answer, and you get paid. You can choose to get paid to PayPal or by check. This one requires some specific knowledge, but you can bet that business people are going to have questions!

*This educational get paid site has been shared with us from Satrap at Money Pantry.