Parenting Topics


  • Between a Rock and a Teenager: Survival techniques for parents of teens. What your teens wish you knew, and the things you must know!
  • Learning Styles, Personality Types and Relationships: Ever wonder why your child does what they do? Ever watch one child ‘get it’ while the other one struggles? Have a strong-willed child that’s difficult to teach? Learn why and how to use the information for your benefit; understanding and teaching your child their way!
  • Schooling Choices: No one understands your child’s needs better than you. Compare all the options available for educating your child. Taking responsibility for their education begins with educating yourself.
  • Homeschool! Are you Nuts?- If you’re considering homeschooling, start first with exploring styles of teaching, expectations of you, the good, the bad and the ugly along with the blessings.
  • Teaching Several Ages Simultaneously: Unit studies or workbooks? Learn how to teach multi-ages in one group through different techniques.
  • Flight Training and Boundary Setting:  A few tried and tested tips on training your child from toddler to teen while setting boundaries that won’t cause World War III. World peace through the teen years is mostly achievable!
  • Coming of Age Talks: Celebrating maturity should be a much anticipated event, but when no one tells teens what is expected of them, disaster can follow. In the absence of guidelines, teens make up their own rules and then parents wonder what went wrong. Let’s equip them for adulthood long before they arrive.
  • Learning Through Games: Learning should be fun! Every notice how your child can memorize every detail of a game or a complicated song? There’s a reason for that. What if learning were so much fun, it didn’t feel like ‘education’ to them? Learning Through Games lecture is 1 hour of creative ideas.Then add BYOS (Bring your own stuff) the make it and take it workshop and you’ll have your own home made educational games specific to your child’s needs. (Typical Age: pre-school through high school) 2 hours long. You’ll need to bring Poster board, markers, stickers, shapes to trace, and a spirit of fun.