Teen Topics

kids Getting the Job: Special tips for ages 12-29. There are things you can do beginning at the age of 12 that will put you ahead of the pack. Likewise, I’ll show you tips that can guarantee you go to the head of the hiring line.


College for Free or Nearly: There are little known tricks and commonly known information to getting into college for free or at least getting money to cut your own costs. If you start early (8th grade) you might just wow people into helping you with your college dream.

Teen Entrepreneurship: How to make a living before you need to.

Teen Exit Strategy Techniques: Are you ready to move out and live on your own? Being prepared will keep you from being a boomerang kid. Starting two years before you plan to be out of the house is the best way to ease into Exit Strategies.

Rookie Writer’s Jump Start: Want to be a writer? Earn income on the side with words? I can show you how.

Professional Development: Learn how to dance the dance with future employers and college careers. There’s a formula for winning friends and influencing people, I’ll show you how.