Women’s Topics


  • Delegating for Success: As women we often believe if we work long enough and hard enough we can meet everyone’s needs. Speaking from experience, it doesn’t work. Let’s discover why we don’t delegate and find ways to hand off the illusion of control.
  • Momma or Martyr? Are we living our best mom-hood? Or are we over-worked, unappreciated, and exhausted. It’s tough to be a calming inspiration in our homes through clenched teeth.
  • What I meant to say! How do we as women assert ourselves? Expect respect? And how do we inspire the same in our families and friends? Dr. Phil says, “We teach people how to treat us.” Learning to respect and expect value from others begins with us; only then can we give it away to equip our families.
  • The Seasons of a Woman: Knowing what season you’re in and what’s coming next helps to explain your emotional and physical health. When should you worry, when should you embrace the season? Let’s talk.
  • Proverb’s Woman: She had it all, we can too, if we understand the rules of priority and our ever changing roles.
  • Is This Paradise Yet? Ready to throw in the towel, the dog, the baby with the bathwater? Pause a second and let’s figure this whole woman thing out from another angle.
  • Spiritual Gifting – The Good, The Bad, The Necessary: Do you know what your spiritual gift is and how it relates to your family, friends, and the body of Christ? Understanding this gift equips us, the people closest to us and our community.
  • Dreaming Big/Goal Setting: Never underestimate the power of a dream, but start by setting SMART goals and priorities so your dreams can become a success.
  • If I should die, do this:  Leaving our families in a lurch upon our death is not only poor stewardship, but unkind to the grieving process. This step-by-step approach will have your family prepared upon your earthly graduation.