Why own an at-home-business? Let’s face it, without being sexist, women are multi-taskers who keep their world of influences running. I started to say running smoothly, but that’s not true all the time. That’s our goal, but most days I’m a crisis manager. I strive to be prepared in such a way to avoid unexpected calamity, but sometimes the ‘un’ part makes the expected difficult.

This Video will cover the items below and help you decide if this is a good plan for you!

Some of the advantages of working at home are:

  • Flexible work hours.
  • No commute. (Recovered gas money in the budget.)
  • Time to prepare healthier meals.
  • During work breaks I can run a load of laundry or dishes and vacuum (which means when the work day is done, so are the household chores.)
  • Children don’t need to be enrolled in day-care, and schedules can be adjusted to accommodate sports and carpooling.
  • We made the choice to home-school our children, which meant we knew what they were learning.
  • We could adjust our schedule to accommodate a special event, and we often traveled to see history first-hand during the less busy times of the year.
  • Save money on work clothes and maintenance.
  • You control your workload and only answer to clients.
  • You can pre-plan most jobs, work ahead and take time away.
  • Tax write-offs
  • We were able to be involved in several community service needs because we had more free time and energy: senior center, food shelter, coaching, etc.
  • By example, our children learned how to be entrepreneurs. As adults, this training has allowed them to be an employer or an employee by their choice rather than by need.

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