Teen Tips – Internships

Teen Tips – Internships

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Internships are an excellent way to get a jump on career jobs. They can:

  1. Teach you valuable job experience.
  2. Confirm your choice of careers (or clearly demonstrate what you don’t want to do).
  3. Help you better understand your strengths and weaknesses.
  4. Help you mature in the public service arena.
  5. Move you past interview jitters before it’s a paid job.

Internships are volunteer positions in trade for training. Most business are happy to have interns work with them and to pass on training. You’ll need to go into the job willing to do the ugly jobs no one else wants to do until you earn the respect of other workers. When you’ve completed the internship–I suggest 3-5 hours once a week–you should also ask for a letter of reference and begin building that ever important resume experience and reference letter! Have fun, try several, learn lots!

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