Teen Job Hunting Tips

Teen Job Hunting Tips

Want to beat the job crowd and move up the interview line?

Ten Tips for getting the job you want:

  1. Study the place you plan to seek employment.  What do they sell? How do they dress? What can you add to their business?
  2. Even when you’re just asking for an application be dressed professional.
  3. Ask for an employment application but have your resume and reference page ready.
  4. Ask for the hiring manager’s name. Then ask (if it’s not the hiring manager) what the manager is looking for in an employee and when is the best time to possibly speak with them.
  5. NEATLY fill out the application form. Check for misspelled words. Don’t leave blank spaces–if it doesn’t apply to you write N/A for not applicable.
  6. Be aware of your professional attire. Typical teen fashion is not appropriate for job interviews. Guys, a pair of nice slacks, white shirt and tie still goes a long way. Ladies, watch the length of your skirt, avoid bare arms and low cut tops.
  7. No tennis shoes or really high heels.
  8. Look around at the employees before your interview, do they allow facial hair (believe it or not that can be an issue with some companies), face piercings, tattoos that show, colored hair? Some places don’t allow these things but can’t say it, your application will simply be put in the garbage. Just look around, if there is someone working onsite with blue hair, then blue hair isn’t a problem for the company.
  9. Ask for an interview. Take a breath, relax, this isn’t an interrogation, it is just a way to see if you fit the job.
  10. Ask for the job if it’s not offered. Thank them for the interview using a firm handshake. If your hands sweat, inconspicuously wipe them off before you shake hands by smoothing your pants or skirt when you stand up.

Good Luck!

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