Trim those Roses!

Trim those Roses!

It’s that time of year. The frost is on the pumpkins and it’s time to get the roses trimmed down so they won’t break off in the snow. Remember to leave enough stalk to suffer 6 inches of freeze. The rule of thumb is cut them to thigh high in the fall (Columbus Day) and Knee high on President’s Day.

I let mine go a bit longer this year because of our Indian Summer, but as of this weekend, they’re cut to protect them.

*Be sure to have your alcohol or your bleach water to dip your hand clippers in so you don’t spread any potential diseases from one rose to another.

**Wear sturdy leather gloves! Cuts from rose thorns are painful. Be sure your leather gloves cover your palms and fingers.

How to Care for your Roses by Heirloom Rose

Here’s a site with rose trimming tips! 

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