Twelve Secrets Faithful Workers Know

Twelve Secrets Faithful Workers Know

By Maxine Marsolini (our resident financial guru) 


So, as long as you are a faithful steward you can be content, whether you are struggling at the subsistence level or are fabulously wealthy. In other words, our part is to be faithful and God’s part is to decide at what level of prosperity he wants us to live.[i]


On occasion we attend a Portland Trailblazers basketball game. For an arena of that size to run smoothly, it takes a lot of employees, all busy at different tasks. Upon entering the building, we are greeted by the screeners. After a quick peek into my purse, they motion us to pass through the security check point, similar to airport security, before sending us on to those who are tasked with scanning tickets. Then we are free to walk into the food court area. Often, before a game, we make a reservation at Schonely’s Place so we can be seated, given a menu, and benefit from the wait staff.

The fan shop is staffed with another group of helpful employees. Ditto for the many men and women hired to clean up spills from floors and monitor the bathrooms. Game night wouldn’t be so good without their willingness to take on those jobs. There are aisle monitors and gymnasts, cheerleaders, players, season ticket representatives, coaching team managers, and the list goes on.

The twelve secrets faithful employees know, and put into practice, prove successful in any workplace.

  1. Hard work will be rewarded.
  2. Employers deserve proper respect.
  3. It’s smart to ask questions when clarity is needed.
  4. It’s good to offer helpful suggestions when asked.
  5. Work heartily to the best of your ability.
  6. Agree to further training opportunities.
  7. Integrity is paramount and will be recognized.
  8. Laziness will not be rewarded.
  9. Teamwork, or a lack thereof, is noticed.
  10. Office gossip isn’t appreciated—don’t participate.
  11. Seek wise counsel before making big decisions.
  12. Wake up every day thankful for their workplace.


No job is more important than another. A worker who completes an assigned task with integrity, and who demonstrates faithfulness in the workplace, especially when the boss is away, will always be a valuable asset to his or her employer. Putting these tips to use could eventually result in a promotion or increase in wages. But if not, stay faithful. Don’t comprise integrity for the sake of a dollar.


Genesis 2:15 The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.

[i] Howard Dayton, Your Money: frustration or Freedom?, 1979, p. 103


Maxine Marsolini


Maxine Marsolini is the author and founder of Rebuilding Families. Her sound financial advice gives individuals and families a leg up on living debt free. Maxine shares relationship builders, parenting tips and little known financial strategies once a week. Don’t miss out on the conversation! Sign up on her website today!

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