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As a career teacher of 38 years and a natural administrator, Pam is trained to identify a problem, find a solution, and work to build a successful plan to move her clients forward. She’s a four-time winner of Teacher of the Year for Alternative Education in Oregon. However, she believes that the greatest mark of her success is that the people she works with find their warrior within are equipped for winning the battles they’re called to!

Pam is available to speak to a wide variety of groups as well as working with individuals one-on-one.


Home-school groups (Parents and Teens)

Mom’s groups

Teen groups

Parenting groups

Writing Groups

She also hosts home-school workshops, and helps organize small school situations*. She loves to see students succeed and has a particular love for working with 12-25 year olds, the age group she calls, ‘the world changers’ and believes that making learning fun helps concepts stick.

Equipping others to succeed is an exciting calling Pam never tires of doing. She is comfortable with groups of all sizes and brings a down-to-earth perspective that focuses on tool building and problem solving. She equips audiences to have a strong take away that can be used in their day-to-day living.

Her lecture topics include but are not limited to:

Home-Based Businesses

*Starting a Business on Next to Nothing!

Discover what it looks like to work for yourself, brand yourself, and how to avoid common pitfalls.

*Driving Traffic to Your Business!

These 20 tips are ready to generate interest in your business and grow a loyal customer base.

 *Strike a Life/Work Balance

The right class for those who struggle with time management, being present in the moment and finding a bit of me time? How to keep the balance so you’re not living to work. Learn how to appreciate the importance of time management and keeping a healthy life balance that honors your personal life and work.

30-minute lecture or 60-minute workshop

Personal Development

Warrior Women aren’t born, they become.

Define Yourself – Design Your Life

You are already more than enough! We’re told be brave, have more confidence, build our self-esteem, find our passion but no one tells us how. This workshop is the ‘how to’ and gives strategies to discover the gold within and be all you are created to be!

Intro: 30 minutes

A bit more: 1 hour

Full workshop: 3 hours (retreat)

Appropriate: Women and/or teens


*Redefine Yourself

We define ourselves by our jobs, our roles, our relationships and the season of life we’re in, but what happens when one of those ends? Transitions are confusing. This workshop is designed for women who are ready to grasp “What’s Next” and move smoothly into the next phase of life. We’ll brainstorm strategies and build tools you can use today.

*Finishing Strong

This workshop speaks to end of life issues. What will your family need to know after your death? You’ll prepare an “In the event of death” box leaving all your important papers in an easily accessible and understandable sequence. You can’t be with them when they grieve but you can make the transition much less stressful.

This is a two-week class: Week 1 we’ll discuss all the necessary paperwork and items to gather, and in week 2 we’ll put them all together. You’ll leave class with a “in the event of death” working box.

Parenting Teens

*Between a Rock and a Teenager (BRAT)

Getting through the teen years with your sanity and their dignity intact can be a tug-a-war of mass proportions. But there’s no one more equipped than you to guide your teen through the tricky landmines enroute to becoming a responsible adult. We’ll talk about real-life strategies. You’ll take away a list of ideas to put into practice today! Or download a digital copy of Between a Rock and a Teenager.

*Getting the Job for Teens and Rookies

This is a professional development class designed to help teens prepare for jobs, the cover letter, the interview, the resume, references and securing the job where others fail. Pam has a 98% placement success rate! Perfect for 13-22-year-olds as a workshop, or for the parent who is preparing their young adult for the workforce. You can also download the digital copy of Getting the Job for Teens and Rookies.

*College Portfolio

It’s NOT too soon to start! In this workshop you’ll discover all the paperwork you should be saving, what experience to acquire for your child starting as young as 7th grade. We’ll talk about prepping for college essays and testing, when and how. And how to decide on a college and how soon to prepare!

Home education

*Learning Styles

Do you know how your children learn? Or how you learn? You might be trying to teach your children a style not conducive to their retention. Learn how they learn and build their subjects for the best retention and application. This workshop will help you test and determine everyone’s style and how to teach, discipline and apply information. Tips are also listed in Pam’s book Learning Styles.

*Learning Through Games

Games build retention in a way that rote memory can’t do. We’ll tackle the tough subjects and come up with several ways to build a game and build a skill all with minimal tools and items you find around your house. Show up with problem areas, leave with solutions through games!

Appropriate for everyone. 3 hours long with a Make it and Take it list.

*Teaching multi-levels simultaneously

Homeschooling is tough, teaching several ages can challenge the most seasoned veteran until you learn these tried and tested techniques. We’ll discuss lesson planning, unit studies, scope and sequence and how to keep it all running smoothly!

Writing for a Purpose

*Understanding Genres

Do you have an idea for writing? Are you ready to tackle the craft of writing, understand your target audience and learn what publishers expect? This workshop introduces participants to the discipline and glamor of the vast world of writing. Learn the tricks and tools of becoming a sought- after author.

Appropriate for beginner writers of all ages.

*Writing for Large Publications

Blogging, writing for online magazines, paid sites, and for trade magazines requires a different style of writing. Navigating the ins and outs of being published in these periodicals can be easy once you know the formula.

Appropriate for advanced beginners and intermediate writers; or those who want to know the temperature of the water before they jump in.


From content to digital/trade book. The process can be daunting, but with a check off list and the knowledge of mistakes to avoid, this class will give you a jump start on finishing your project.

1-hour class (like a drink of water from a fire hose!) OR

2-3 hour class with some hands on instruction.

*Intro to Screenwriting

Love movies? Got an idea for a good one? There are industry standards to keep you from looking like an amateur. There is a formula to creating a blockbuster movie to tell your great story. This workshop will give you the keys to creating a Hollywood sensation!

Appropriate for interested screenwriters, beginners and intermediate screenwriters. 1 hour – 90 minutes of instruction

6-hour class (with actual writing 2 sessions of 3 hours)


*Is there room for Christian Screenwriters?

Absolutely! This topic will introduce your potential market, discuss the movie writing commitment, traps and contests for building your reputation. Viability has never been better than it is today for the Christian screenwriter.


*From Script to Movie!

Getting in front of producers, telling your story and getting a “Yes” is what this class can equip you to do. Queries, one-sheets, log-lines and pitching in the bull pen can be a blast when you know the tricks of the trade. Get directors, agents and green-light producers to listen to you but FIRST you need to know what they’re looking for and how to deliver your ideas in under 2 minutes!

*The Pitch (The Elevator Speech)

            Like a cover letter to a resume, the pitch is specific and covers a great deal. You have ten minutes with producers, but you must wow them in two minutes or less. This class will turn your 120-page script into a 25-word query.

*Screenwriting Lingo and Vocabulary

Fade in, montage, inner cuts, OH MY! Understanding the verbiage can keep you from stumbling through a 120-page feature film.

#All workshops are 1 hour in length unless otherwise noted.

Email Pam here. Please include your name, affiliation, contact phone number, and email*. Explain what you’re looking for, and together we’ll build an affordable event!