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About Pam
About TMWL

The Modern Woman Life Magazine is written for women in today’s world. TMWLife is a place to be refreshed, find a tool or two, laugh and cry together. Our goal is to equip each other, deal with cutting edge topics, and maybe find an old school technique that worked in the past. We’re a place to can applaud the efforts of someone else, laugh at ourselves, and walk away refreshed.

TMWL is currently accepting submissions. We want to feature women of all ages – their thoughts, strengths, frustrations and entrepreneurial journeys.


  • Articles should be between 450-650 words, with a 900-word maximum (including your byline, contact email, and any links to your own websites).
  • If you have a product you love, recommend it within your article (we’ll hotlink it).
  • All articles need to be included within the body of your email. Any attachments will not be opened, and your name will be deleted.
  • We need your pictures to place in our articles and within our site. If you have a gallery website and want us to direct traffic to it, submit a photo and a written release. (*see ours and fill it out)** (link to release here)

Please allow 2-3 weeks for acceptance. If you haven’t heard back from us in 3 weeks, email again.

If we reject your article, we’ll try to in a sentence help you see why and encourage you to resubmit. Many magazines look for only professional writers, and while we love them too and feature them, we look to help potential writers become more polished.

Articles we’re currently looking for:

  • Tips for building/surviving a home-based business
  • Great stories of family successes!
  • Humor: Tell us what happened that made you giggle! (250-500 words)
  • Organization tips
  • Relationships: Dating, Dates nights, divorce, marriage, and general advice

Send all inquiries and pieces to PJVincent@rconnects.com with the subject heading: TMWLife Submission.