*Understanding Genres

Do you have an idea for writing? Are you ready to tackle the craft of writing, understand your target audience and learn what publishers expect? This workshop introduces participants to the discipline and glamor of the vast world of writing. Learn the tricks and tools of becoming a sought- after author.

Appropriate for beginner writers of all ages.

*Writing for Large Publications

Blogging, writing for online magazines, paid sites, and for trade magazines requires a different style of writing. Navigating the ins and outs of being published in these periodicals can be easy once you know the formula.

Appropriate for advanced beginners and intermediate writers; or those who want to know the temperature of the water before they jump in.


From content to digital/trade book. The process can be daunting, but with a check off list and the knowledge of mistakes to avoid, this class will give you a jump start on finishing your project.

1-hour class (like a drink of water from a fire hose!) OR

2-3 hour class with some hands on instruction.  

*Intro to Screenwriting

Love movies? Got an idea for a good one? There are industry standards to keep you from looking like an amateur. There is a formula to creating a blockbuster movie to tell your great story. This workshop will give you the keys to creating a Hollywood sensation!

Appropriate for interested screenwriters, beginners and intermediate screenwriters. 1 hour – 90 minutes of instruction

6-hour class (with actual writing 2 sessions of 3 hours)

*Is there room for Christian Screenwriters?

Absolutely! This topic will introduce your potential market, discuss the movie writing commitment, traps and contests for building your reputation. Viability has never been better than it is today for the Christian screenwriter.

*From Script to Movie!

Getting in front of producers, telling your story and getting a “Yes” is what this class can equip you to do. Queries, one-sheets, log-lines and pitching in the bull pen can be a blast when you know the tricks of the trade. Get directors, agents and green-light producers to listen to you but FIRST you need to know what they’re looking for and how to deliver your ideas in under 2 minutes!

*The Pitch (The Elevator Speech)

            Like a cover letter to a resume, the pitch is specific and covers a great deal. You have ten minutes with producers, but you must wow them in two minutes or less. This class will turn your 120-page script into a 25-word query.

*Screenwriting Lingo and Vocabulary

Fade in, montage, inner cuts, OH MY! Understanding the verbiage can keep you from stumbling through a 120-page feature film.