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B.J.Taylor  (2)

B.J. Taylor – Featured Woman

You’ve got to love a woman who rescues an “unadoptable” dog! When B.J. Taylor first read about rescue dog Charlie Bear, she gazed at his photograph […]

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Couple fighting in front of child

Beyond Divorce Damage Control

by Dr. Jane Bluestein <–Check out her website  Beyond damage control… Here are some tips to reduce the stress and anxiety you children may experience during […]

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Young sad girl in the corner of  room

26 Common Stress Producing Obstacles in Relationships

by Dr. Jane Bluestein Patterns to avoid Want to reduce conflict, pain, and alienation in relationships with the important people in your life? Here are […]

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5 Tips for moving from Employee to Entrepreneur

Are you an Entrepreneur or a Want-to-preneur? We all know someone who talks about starting a business. They dream without setting goals that will move […]

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Georgette Rowland Osborne

Georgette Rowland Osborne – Featured Woman

  As a young girl, Georgette turned her back on a career in Hotel & Catering to enter the faster paced world of IT and […]

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Beautiful caucasian business woman is showing refusing, rejecting gesture. Isolated on white.

When ‘Offenses’ Distract Us from our Purpose

Written by Dawn Kinzer    It happened again… I felt invisible. It wasn’t just my imagination. My husband gave me a look that indicated he’d noticed. […]

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