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Georgette Rowland Osborne

Georgette Rowland Osborne – Featured Woman

  As a young girl, Georgette turned her back on a career in Hotel & Catering to enter the faster paced world of IT and […]

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Beautiful caucasian business woman is showing refusing, rejecting gesture. Isolated on white.

When ‘Offenses’ Distract Us from our Purpose

Written by Dawn Kinzer    It happened again… I felt invisible. It wasn’t just my imagination. My husband gave me a look that indicated he’d noticed. […]

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athena pic (2)

Athena Dean Holtz- Featured Woman

  A cult survivor, her business sabotaged, this month’s Featured Woman has the heart and spirit of a true stand-her-ground, trust-in-Christ warrior! I love an […]

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Business team working on desk with a single word CONTENT MARKETING

Writing For a Purpose & Publication (Intermediate Class)

If you’ve played with the idea of making a living as a writer but need the help crafting your talent, this is the class to […]

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