Free Worksheets Pre-School-5th Grade

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I love this site for the younger grades. offers learning tools for students, parents and then backs it up with free worksheets  as well as inexpensive curriculum for purchase. I've used these programs like this for years, but I particularly love this company! I teach a concept and then reinforce it with their worksheets. [...]

The 5 W’s of Home Energy Scores

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The new year is here, and it’s time to learn about Home Energy Scores, a new requirement for selling homes in 2018. Don’t stress – it’s not as complicated as it sounds, and we have answers for most of your questions. Who is required to get a Home Energy Score? Anyone publicly selling of relisting [...]

Jenni Tan – Fund Development Officer

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Ever wonder how non-profits survive financially? Meet Jenni! Jenni currently works at Children First For Oregon. Children First for Oregon empowers communities to advocate for kids so all children in Oregon can thrive. We inform and convene communities through our four program areas: child abuse prevention, foster youth advocacy, legislative solutions, and research and data. [...]

7 Secrets to Sticking and Staying Married

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The death rate of marriages is far greater than twenty years ago, why is that? It seems it’s a rarity to see couples who have been married twenty plus years and yet it still strikes a chord in all of us when we see couples up in years walking together holding hands. It doesn’t take [...]

Lesley Nardini ~ Professional Speaker

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Lesley Nardini is a highly sought-after Motivational Speaker, Corporate Keynote Speaker and Trainer who can speak for audiences ranging from 20 to 20,000! Recognized as America’s leading expert on delivering exceptional customer service with the personal touch, Lesley is an award-winning international speaker and author who has delivered more than 1,000 presentations in more than [...]

Michele M Maupin ~Reduces Workplace Violence

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Epiphany Day, Summer 2007 on a sunny Sunday: I was a Karate Teacher managing a karate studio, so I felt proficient and strong in protecting myself if I needed to. I had been out of my 13-year long abusive relationship for about a year, had a home of peace for myself and my daughters, and [...]